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Hi everyone! I always struggle with mascara as they never keep my lashes in place even I have curled them with different methods. Any product suggestion? FYI my lashes are not full and long (Asian btw). Thanks guyssss

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Re: Mascara

Hi @TiffNg,

I had the same problem and had to curl my lashes all the time!  I now use the Lancôme CILS booster mascara primer.  It goes on white, you need to apply to the lashes and even get to them really low and work your way up slowly, they will go up and will be covered and looking good, then apply the mascara.  In my experience one of the Lancôme mascaras are the best choice, (choose depending on your preference), you can use other mascaras with it, however the Lancôme ones apply beautifully and don’t really have any issue.   There are often buy a Lancôme mascara & get the primer with it for free, it’s a great time of year to try them out, also on this site there is a set of four different Lancôme mascaras, for a great price, so you can try them out to see what you prefer.  Just make sure to use the primer first, as that’s what makes them go up nicely, it might take a few times to get used to it, once you do, end of your problem!

I hope this helps,


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