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Okay I am a total make-up junkie.  I love all types of eye shadows, blush & lip colors.  My biggest problem seems to be mascara.  I can't seem to find one that I really like or that gives my lashes volume or length.  Any suggestions???

Re: Mascara

Hi there Smiley Happy 

I know you've gotten sufficient feedback, but I just got a new mascara and need to rave! I use Yves saint laurent singular. It makes your lashes look so long and thick while also giving them a natural effect (I.e. no clumping). 

Hope I helped 


Re: Mascara

Hi BeautyJunkie325!


I noticed my friend Melissa mentioned a couple mascaras that are currently part of my lash rountine for long and thick lashes.


First, I use Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara (its a creamy formula that allows you to build vulume without clumping) and then I use Dior New Look Mascara  for detailing (this mascara has a tiny brush that helps add length and separate.)


<3 Julianna

Re: Mascara

Just in case you don't have enough options here, I LOVE Hourglass Film Noir.  

It is creamy, does not flake, seperates, lengthens and can do it in just one coat.  Now, I usually use a lash brush after the first coat, and then put on another - and WOW - my eyelashes look super dark, long and full - but not goopy/clumpy.  I hate that look.  It is a bit expensive, so if you're looking for a less expensive option, I totally agree with the Covergirl Lashblast recommendations here.  Great stuff, and cheap!  I use the orange one, which is the Volumizing one.  The brush is like no other.


Re: Mascara

Hi BeautyJunkie325, I love the Fairdrop mascara and Benefit's BADgal lash. I love how both make my eyes pop. BADgal lash for my does take a little work to get off, but I still love the results. Fairdrops has an awesome wand, and the fibers make my lashes so big. I hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara



Ive just recently discovered the new YSL Shocking mascara really gives me lots of length and volume. I have also had a hard time, for years, trying to find that perfect mascara that gives a false lash effect without actually having false lashes. I know a couple of people who have tried the new Too Faced Lash Extension system, that could be something you could also try. One of the last times I was in Sephora, one of their workers used that new lash system on me and it did make a difference, but it takes a few coats to really get it on there and get them as long as I like. I usually spend about 15 minutes alone just applying mascara because I have to put literally 8-10 coats of 3-4 different kinds to get the look that I want. The YSL Shocking is the best that I have found so far, even better than the new Too Faced system. I still apply 3-4 coats of the YSL Shocking, but thats much more time saving that going through 4-5 different ones lol.  Hope you try the YSL Shocking and that it works for you as well as it has for me.



Re: Mascara

I used to use drugstore brand mascaras but now I can't live without Benefit's They're Real!.  It is amazing!  Give the mini tube a shot if  you're unsure, it's a great use of $10.






Re: Mascara

I ave just recently found that YSL Shocking and Too Faced Size Queen used together are AMAZING!!! I have medium length lashes that are blonde, almost clear in a way. If I dont have mascara on, it loos as if I have NO lashes. So as you can probably guess, my main focus when doing m makeup each day is to make sure that I have some super amazing lashes. I use lash primer, Sephora Tricks of the Trade, and sometimes Urban Decay Lash Primer. Let 2 coats of primer dry, then put on 2 coats of the YSL Shocking, and let that START to dry and then add 2 to 3 coats of the Size Queen. The brush on Size Queen is HUGE and I was very skeptical at first, but its the HUGE brush that makes all the difference. I hope you try this out and end up as happy as I am each day. Nothing better than big, fat, super long and dramatic lashes. =)

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