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I use Diorshow Blackout mascara,,, I do love it however I'am wanting to try something new. It has to be volumizing and Extra black I have light eyelashes..

Re: Mascara

I have been switching back and forth between Dior's new 360 Mascara which you can find at:  It has a "motorized" rotating helix brush that does a great job of covering every lash.

I also use (and love) Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara because it has a comb on one side of the applicator wand and a brush on the other so you can color and separate all at one time.  You can read more about it at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara

Thanks for the info!! I will def try these mascaras!! thanks so much!!

Re: Mascara

My favorite mascara ever is Too Faced Lash Injection. It's a pitch black tubing mascara, and it coats the lashes in tiny tubes, making them appear thicker and fuller. It's an entirely different formula than most mascaras, so while it will never run, smear or give you raccoon eyes, it will flake off (if you rub at it). It makes my eyelashes look huge and long -- practically fake:

Re: Mascara

I LOVE Lancome's Hypnose Drama Mascara because it's really black, easy to apply and it really doesn't clump unless you put more 2 or more coats on. This mascara does basically everything; lengthen, define, and volume. The first coat gives your lashes separation and lengthening and if you add one more coat if gives you nice volume. I bought this with as a holiday gift set which came with a full size Hypnose Drama Mascara with a full size Artliner and small juicy tube smoothie lip thing for only $29.50. Even the artliner is originally $29 and I'm in love with all of these! So you can wait until they have gift sets that gives you a sampler. I'd definitely give this a try.

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Re: Mascara

Tenngal is right, the Smashbox Hyperlash is good. I'm not impressed by mascara and I only wear waterproof. Some of the makeup kits I've been ordering lately have had mascara in them, so I've given a lot of different kinds a try recently even though they weren't waterproof. The Smashbox Hyperlash came with one such kit and I was finally impressed with a mascara. Even though it's not waterproof, I'm going to use it. It went on so thick and rich, I felt it almost made me look like I had false lashes. One coat would have been enough. I have black lashes and usually wear a blackened brown for a more neutral look or black/very black for evening. So if it shows up that much on black lashes, I'm sure it would do wonders for your light ones!

Re: Mascara

@haziejo - All the mascaras recommended are great and have worked for me as well. My new favorite discovery is the new d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash (  I love how it allows my long lashes to keep and hold the curl without using an eyelash curler and also plumps my thin lashes. 

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