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Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

Does anyone else have this problem?  What causes it?  I used to use Maybelline Volume Express for years, then a long time ago they changed it and it started making my lashes fall out.  I've tried all kinds of stuff since then and have had success with Buxom Lash and Tarte but neither have enough vamp for what I like.  Any suggestions?  All Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder make them fall out.  I'm afraid to try anything new! 

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

Maybelline is toxic stuff! I once had my eyes swell shut from using one of their mascaras. I recommend trying a Clinique one. They are super gentle and great for sensitive eyes - never once irritated my eyes, like most mascaras do, and never made my lashes fall out. Also, Mia's suggestions below for lash conditioners are a godsend for stopping fallout.

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

Try the "Boots" mascara line at Target. They are all hypo-allergenic and very gentle!

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

I just wanted to add to make sure you are using a gentle eye makeup remover without having to scrub lashes when you take it off too.  

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

I really like Fresh Supernova Mascara-- sadly I was not able to purchase the full size at Sephora (only the small travel size that comes with Fresh Soy cleanser) but I got the full size one from Neiman Marcus. I use this over Tarte MultiplEYE and the fibers from too faced Better than False Lashes....




Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

Hi elissad,


I have a problem with my lashes falling out too!  In general, everyones lashes fall out & we grow new ones, but I always feel like I have a lot more falling out than others Smiley Sad  Sometime last year, I started using a "lash enhancer" & the condition of my lashes has improved A LOT!  My all time fav is the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Pumping Serum.  It gives my lashes fullness & length before adding mascara & helps keep them conditioned, so they're not dry & brittle, which causes a lot of breakage.  I've also used it overnight as a lash treatment Smiley Happy

Dior - Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum


You can also try the Tarte MultiplEYE Enhancer to help build your lashes

Tarte - MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer


xo, Mia

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

I second the Dior primer - it is possibly the greatest invention ever. And I haven't used MultiplEYE, but I do use RapidLash, and they are the same concept - lots of proteins and moisturizers that help lashes not fall out (which is why they grow longer). I was skeptical, thinking you would need Latisse for them to actually grow, but it definitely does work!

Re: Mascara makes my lashes fall out!

I have issues with lashes falling out (also with breakage) when I try drugstore mascaras. It also happens with some of the high end mascaras. I've been using Korres Volcanic Mascara for the past few months and since shortly after switching to this exclusively I haven't seen a single loose lash. My eyelashes are in better over all condition now too.... longer, fuller, no frizzy ends or strays going off in funny directions. The Korres Volcanic gives great full volume and also increases length quite a bit. Nice rich black color also.

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