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Mascara for sensitive eyes

I have incredibly sensitive eyes. My eyelid pores get clogged easily so I had to stop wearing liner (pencil, liquid or gel) on my top lash line, cannot use makeup remover with any oils in it, and sometimes I think eyeshadow even irritates my eyes. I have to use waterproof mascara to hold any curl in my stick straight lashes, and I had been using Tarte's Lights Camera Splashes mascara, however, I think they reformulated that, because now it smells incredibly strong and definitely irritates my eyes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for mascara for sensitive eyes? I was thinking about trying the Blinc tubing mascara, but I'm usually not a fan of fiber mascaras. I've also tried some Clinique mascaras, but they never hold curl! Smiley Sad

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

After having lasik eye surgery my eyes have become very sensitive a mascara that i love and highly recommend is Blinc Amplified mascara it wont smudge. you can do crossfit and swim and its not going anywhere then at night when you take a shower it just slides right off with a little soap

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

the best thing to do is get the clinique high impact curl, and then use eyelash curler! they have a heated one that really holds curl. 


for removing it, i suggest purity by philosophy it doesent irratate me and my eyes are sensitive as well! hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

I'm going to throw out an oddball suggestion: have you ever tried Diorshow Lash Primer? I can get Clinique to hold curl if I prime first. I don't know how sensitive it is, to be truthful, but my gut reaction is that Clinique is your brand...

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

I never personally worn the mascara I was just letting her know what a lot of the reviews said so she would be aware of it.

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

You may also consider looking at Tarte's Gifted Mascara!Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

The Blinc might work for you but if you look at the reviews it is really hard  to get off so you may want to consider that.

Re: Mascara for sensitive eyes

I must say, I've never had issues with taking off Blinc's products.  It's one of my favourites, especially for sensitive eyes.  Mine aren't as sensitive (or maybe I've ignored it in lieu of using all those wonderful UD colours), but I definitely know what nattygirl is talking about when it comes to mascara in general and Tarte in particular. Blinc is a definitely option, and it comes off with a brief soak of warm-ish water.  They also hold a curl (somewhat).

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