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Mascara Question

Okay, I know you are supposed to toss your mascara after 3 months (why is that? does anyone know?) But does that count mascara's that you've had unopened for 3 months?  I have several samples that I haven't opened yet because I didn't want them to dry out do I have to toss those when they hit their three month mark?


Any info would help!  Thank you!

Re: Mascara Question

Mascara is one of those things that i definitely abide by since its going near my eye and the tube gets opened and closed so air does get into it when its used. I find it similar to the shelf life/exp  of a liquid but those usually are closed more since mine are in a tube or pump, so i use them a little longer than the date posted on the products. 


for mascara i usually switch out after 3 mons and don't go past 4. and i also make sure not to have more than 2 open at a time. My bottom lash mascaras tend to last a little longer since i don't wear them daily. those i usually keep around 6-8 mons.   If you have ones that haven't been opened then its fine.

Re: Mascara Question

i would really try not to use a mascara that is older then six months if you have used it! even if you use it once in a while. 

Re: Mascara Question

A few of the sales associates at my local Nordstrom said that new, unused, unopened mascaras have a shelf-life of two years. Hence, my caving in when they had the buy 2 get 1 free promo Smiley Happy

Re: Mascara Question

i rarely use mine - only for special occasions, so i have kept mine for over a year. i haven't had any infections or any problems with the mascara getting clumpy or dry.

Re: Mascara Question

You are suppose to toss mascara after 3-6 month because they dry out (exposure to air) and can get bacteria in it (every time you apply). The time frame is for after opening it so you are fine.


Personally I use mostly sample mascaras, which sometimes are not stored properly so I always open it first to see if it's dried out, then close it tightly and store in a cool place out of sunlight. I only apply mascara on clean lashes right after I wash my face, no touch up during the day or outside, so I've had some that last 6 month, but at some point the consistency changes and you need to throw it out.

Re: Mascara Question

 As long as you haven't opened it, it should be fine.  You haven't exposed the product to any air or contamination sources.  Three months from opening the product is the rule.

Re: Mascara Question

Thank you! You are a star.

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