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Mascara Nightmare

I have a dilemma with mascara.  I have been wearing mascara for the last 40 years of my life, so needless to say I've tried nearly every mascara out there.  99% of the time I have fallout underneath the eye and I look like I have raccoon eyes.  Ughhhh!

So I tried a Jeff---⭐️ recommendation of the Benefit mascara.  In th last 15 years I stopped wearing mascara on my bottom lashes because of this. Again I did that today but after two hours of wearing the mascara I could already see the fallout happening underneath my eye. And then four hours later I checked again and it was outright black underneath my eyes.  It looked horrible I wish I had a touch up kit to fix it and it's driving me insane. The only mascara that I ever remember is the LancΓ΄me Defencils mascara but it to had some fallout. Does anyone have any suggestions of products that will get rid of this? Thank you I appreciate your help

Re: Mascara Nightmare

How was the wear for you? No problems with smudging, right?

Re: Mascara Nightmare

It was messy because there were a lot of black bits that took me awhile to remove.  But no falling or smudging.

Re: Mascara Nightmare

How did you remove it @Thescrappinmama? I've always found tubing mascaras to remove super easily

Re: Mascara Nightmare

I just use a makeup cloth or mircella liquid.   I don't know if it's user error or not but when I apply the mascara gets over everything and I despise it.   So not only does it rinse off well it doesn't apply well at all.   Despite all that it does not run it does not smudge or anything of that nature but because of so much of a hassle to try to put it on and then remove it and this is something I would not use .

Re: Mascara Nightmare

Ok I gotcha @Thescrappinmama. Tubing mascaras don't remove with traditional makeup removers. All you use is regular old warm water to loosen them a bit and a tiny bit of pressure with your finger to wipe them off your lashes. Just swipe your finger down and away over your eye. The tubes should come off in one piece


If you used Blinc, it is wetter than other mascaras. Trish and Aucoin are a bit drier and build up more volume than Blinc. Does that help a little? If it's too wet coming out of the tube you can always wipe a bit off on a tissue first

I wear contacts and so struggled forever to find a mascar...

I wear contacts and so struggled forever to find a mascara that will NOT come off, transfer, smudge, whatever even when I use re-wetting drops 20 times a day. Finally found the Lancome Hypnose Drama WP, and I am in heaven!! Best mascara ever, absolutely NO movement all day (or daaayyys if you don't remove it), safe for contacts, and best of all it wraps my lashes and definitely ads drama. Try it! note: I am not wearing false lashes, this mascara is really that good, at 43yo it makes me look like I have the lashes of a 20yo.

RE: Mascara Nightmare

I don't have an answer, since I have the exact same problem. πŸ˜–I quit wearing mascara on my lowers forever ago .I make up for it by smooshing as much eyeliner between those lower lashes as possible. I have a sample of a lash primer that I haven't tried yet. Maybe I'll break that out & see how it goes.

Does this happen with waterproof mascara? if it does the...

Does this happen with waterproof mascara? if it does the only thing I would suggest is to try a little setting powder. I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm 46 so I look for a setting powder with hyaluronic acid in it. This will help in the under eye area for the creasing and keep the area plum, but it may also help with the mascara problem. Get a sample from sephora for the setting powder before spending to much money

Re: Does this happen with waterproof mascara? if it does the...

I'm fifty years old and yes waterproof will do that too but not as bad.  Thank you for all off the suggestions, I didn't know those types of mascara existed.  I'll buy a couple of different ones and tape a review of them.  Thanks everyone!

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