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Mariposa Palette

Does anyone own the UD Mariposa Palette? Like it, love it, or leave it?  It seems to have some fun colors in it and I love that it is on sale right now.





(swatched image is from jessbeez blogspot)


I already own UD Ammo Palette. Do you think these are two palettes are too similar?




(swatch image is from theblackpearl blog) 

Re: Mariposa Palette

I have both.  Really pigmented

Re: Mariposa Palette

so i bought it. LOL it should come on tuesday Smiley Happy

Re: Mariposa Palette

my least fave aspect of the Ammo palette is the glitter bombs that go all over my face when I apply any of the glittery shadows (about 1/2 of them are)... even with primer.  Maybe it is cause its an older formula (thats why the palettes are on sale?). 


I like that Mariposa has the more sheen and zero glitter

Re: Mariposa Palette

 I have both palettes (got them half price at Nordstrom Rack, btw) and I don't think the color overlap is too much.  The shades are all pretty different, although sometimes the brown shades do tend to all look quite similar yet they ARE different.  All but two of the shades are very wearable, everyday colors.  I would say YES, get the palette at the sale price--how often is it that you can get a UD palette at a great price?! 

@prettyinpa Money is also my absolute favorite color from the Mariposa palette-it's just beautiful! (It might just be my favorite UD color)!


Re: Mariposa Palette

money is the #1 color that I like in the Mariposa palette. I know some people think wearing blue eyeshadow is a no-no but I love to do it and get compliments when I do it. I dont wear it like Mimi from Drew Carry show either though

Re: Mariposa Palette

I have them both, however I did not get them on sale. They are very similar but I feel that the AMMO palette is a but more glittery and the mariposa goes on with more of a dewy look. I can post a swatch, maybe its just the primer i use but its still a steal!

Re: Mariposa Palette

I have the Mariposa palette and love the grey and grey tone colors in it. Money is my favorite! I don't have Urban Ammo, so I can't tell you if they overlap too much, but for the sale price, I think you can't beat it! The brush is very nice, even if the handle is kinda short, I'd say get it if you like softer tone colors.


Hope this helps!

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