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Makeup advice

Hi! i was wondering what kind of makeup will look good on me. I was my eyes to really stand out but idk, i want to come into sephora later on before my next semester at Uni starts,IMG952781.jpg im the one on the left in this picture. I want to start to look prettier.  That do you think about this for me?perrie-edwards-356009.png im not sure how to creat it or what id need etc etc. PLESSE HELP!!

Re: Makeup advice

Hi, audreehoran!  When you go to Sephora, take this picture (in color) with you.  This will really help the person who assists you a lot.


As far as the picture, I agree with tashalicious.  I also think a filter may have been used on the camera and/or some airbrushing on the photo.


My suggestions for colors would be

- Eyes:  Black mascara, black or other slightly less intense dark eyeliner, sheer pink eye shadow

- Eyebrows:  Look at Anastasia; this brand specializes in eyebrows

- Lips:  Pink (obviously!).  I bought a really nice pink last week, MUFE Rouge Artise Intense #11.  A not-pink color that would look nice too is Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Broadest Berry

- Blush:  To me it looks like a coraly pink; it doesn't look like a straight pink.


I'm sorry not to give you specific brands or color names.  There are a lot of choices in these colors, so personal preference will play a big part in what you choose.  This is a nice basic look to start with.  You'll look great!

Re: Makeup advice

well the girl in the pic is wearing false lashes and mascara, i think its cute, you're young so you can experiment with all kinds of looks and get away with it, as for achieving the look in the pic, definitely false lashes mascara tweezed eyebrows a good matte foundation.

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