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Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

I was reading InStyle magazine this morning and I stumbled upon the Lorac Pocket Pro Palette and fell in love. I went straight to Sephora online and was bummed to see it's not there Smiley Sad I can get it from Ulta or  Lorac but I really didn't want to create yet another account. 


What are your thoughts, should I cave in and just order it or can I find a similar palette at Sephora? This palette includes nude, pewter and espresso. 

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

Kohls carries LORAC now!

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

I'm glad it was free shipping and 10% off because I didn't know Kohls had it. Thanks for the info, I will go there when I need more Smiley Happy

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

(sorry I can't reply directly)... hmm - I rather get 10% off with free shipping than no 10% off and pay shipping!


I've only placed one online order at Ulta... just last month. A lot of people complain about their shipping times but I didn't think it took terribly long (I think they're just a little less efficient around holidays). It's not like Sephora where you choose your samples, you choose a type of sample (skincare or skincare+makeup i think...). I choose "skincare" got 3 foil packets and it was all random brands I had never heard of... so, if I wanted the pocket pro I would go with lorac's website with the discount.

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

Thank you, that's what I'll do. I don't think I like not being able to pick my own samples. 

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

Oh and Sephora no longer carries Lorac so you will not be seeing it here!

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

I just bought the 3D lustre set from the Lorac website and was tempted to get the pocket pro. Note that the colors are different in the $15 standalone one versus the one that comes in the set (I personally like the standalone better - the one you mentioned). I would just go ahead and get it from the Lorac website... they have free shipping, plus when I opened the website up in a new browser a 10% off coupon popped up so try that... so I only spent $17 and had zero shipping so my guess is its free shipping!

Re: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

I did see the 10% off. Would you still suggest that over Ulta ( I never ordered from there) but I see they have free samples Smiley Happy

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