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Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

So, I got a mini of the Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair Cream in the We Heart VIBs promo bag and just now gotten around to using it, as I never really used eye creams because I'm 25 and have combo skin which usually doesn't require any heavy duty moisturizing. But I ran out of my face oil and thought I would try out some of my samples, and WOW. I cannot believe how much of a difference this stupid cream makes. I have been wearing contacts for over 10 years so my eyes get a lot more wear and tear then I realized until I saw the difference. 


Then I saw the price tag.... And I am just not ready to drop $65 on a half ounce of moisturizer yet. Maybe in another 5 years, but not right now. However I do want to add an eye moisturizer to my routine, seeing as I am 25, thats seems like a reasonable amount to spend. Right now I am considering Alba Botanics and Badger Balm, because these are brands I know and trust. I have also been looking into Avalon Organics because my mom uses their products and has good luck with them. I live in a pretty rural area though which means most likely I will have to be ordering it online without in chance to look at it first (which drives me crazy).


So my fellow BTers, what do you recommend for a young person with a budget cap of around $25 give or take a buck or two?



And here is some cuteness as an advanced thank you. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Maybe a platypus? Not sure.

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Wait--- I just looked it up, it's a baby platypus

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Its a baby platypus. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Thanks....awwwww they're so cute!!!

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Hi warriorwitch - I did a very long post on a thread re: Eye Cream about 2 weeks ago, I'll find it and let you know where to find it. There may be some helpful suggestions there. Try to factor in if you get a couple of months out of it you could buy something for $50.00ish - Some companies are good about letting you know how long a product should last, so that can help you budget.


I'm always thrilled when I see someone very young is on the eye cream train. I started around 19ish and I'm so glad I did. I do not think you need to go for the 'big guns' at such an early stage in life. You can save all the hard-core products, with all kinds of amazingly sophisticated ingredients & technology for when you're older. You don't need to pay for tons of bells & whistles at your age. Another bonus to starting young, you may not need to use those 'big guns' as early since you will maintain youthful acting skin for much longer if you start early. Smiley Happy

I Highly recommend SPF for the eye area, that is a huge thing, it makes a major difference. In years past there were not really products with SPF designed for the eye area. There is a  sample right now of Ole Henrickson CC Cream for Eyes, it has SPF and concealer. I'm not sure what else it offers or what the $$ is. It is quite possibly more than you need at this point but it does have SPF so it might be nice to try. You could also use something like Bare Minerals Foundation with SPF or their Mineral Veil with SPF. If you already have a foundation-ish product that you like you could add the Mineral Veil on top of almost anything to finish you look. If you don't use any foundation or powder and don't need anything, then you could just use Mineral Veil alone, it can be reapplied throughout the day so you're certain you're getting that protection.

Eye creams & SPF for face and Eyes is one of the best investments you can make to insure a more youthful looking future. Neck Cream is equally important, you don't have to go High-end, 'big guns' on this either. You might like Bare Minerals Neck Cream. SPF on the neck & decollete is also equally important.

Always use your ring finger when applying any eye cream, gel, spf etc. Pat with your ring finger and make a wide sweep up and around to the close to the eyebrow area.You also don't want to get too close to your eye, leave a speck of space since eye creams do migrate a bit, it can irritate your eyes. If you're using neck cream, do your entire neck & decollete area and around the sides of your neck as well, in an upward direction.

I hope you can snag the Ole Henrickson,'s gone. Well, samples are a great way to try different things. Most brands will accept returns if you have a problem with any item, especially if it's something for the eye area.

Best of luck and thanks for posting that impossibly adorable Platypus, it doesn't get much cuter than that. Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Thank you for all the suggestions! I am testing out some moisturizers with SPF right now, and they seem to be winning me over. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

A site worth noting is It compares the ingredients in make up, lotions, under eye moisturizers, anti-aging creams, etc. It can help you avoid some potential hazardous ingredients or ingredients more likely to cause irritations in many people. That's what I have to look out for when choosing.


Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Cool, thanks for the info, good to know. Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

If you're looking for an eye cream/treatment that will walk similar lines to the Philosophy Miracle Worker eye cream but carries a smaller price point, I highly recommend Roc. It's one of the best drug-store/mass brand skin care lines that utilize retinol without widdling down on potency.


If you happen to be a fan of other Philosophy items or want to venture more, they do have their Box of Miracles Miraculous Anti Aging Set for $48 that includes a 0.25 oz Miracle Worker eye cream along with their Miracle Worker pads (retinoid based, chemical exfoliation pads, cut them in half to get more use), and a mini Purity cleanser.  

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

Another thought if you're interested, purchase a kit with a number of products in it, they end up being much cheaper in the long run if you think you will use the majority of products in the set. Philosophy offers amazing sets/collections. There's something on sale, I think, but that may be more than you need. It has the Purity Made Simple cleanser (Love) The Microdelivery cleansing scrub (quite good) Hope in a Jar daytime (could work for you, super popular, if it's a bit too much moisture you can put some in your hand and mix with a speck of water, or apply to wet skin. I don't like the smell though, it smells to me like a wet dog.) Hope In a Jar night (just ordered a point perk of this. Not sure, I'm guessing it may be a bit much for you, if you could give this to someone with more skin issues that would be worth it) forget what else is in it. This is just an example though. Philosophy has a lot of sets on QVC and they have a easy-pay option on many things, so you could get it and pay for it over a certain number of months. Sorry Sephora, hope that's okay to say, once she tries a variety of things she can always come back here to get re-stocks on her faves. Just a thought. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, I'll find that other thread for you. Smiley Happy Be well. Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for an eye moisturizer, suggestions please!

you  can  also  get  a order  a   sample  of  Laura Mercier  flawless  skin  eye   repair serum . i got a sample  today  went  i  went  to  sephora  in  NYC.   i dont  know  how  much  it  cost  but  you  can try it to  see  if  you  like  it. 

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