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Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

So I have a couple of lipsticks, revlon colorburst lip butter in raspberry swirl and OCC lip tar gloss in meta, that look TERRIBLE going on.  So, okay, don't wear them right?  But if I wear them for a couple of hours, drink a glass or two of water, have a cigarette then they wear off to beautiful shades that I love.


So basically I love these two lip products but only when they are mostly worn off.  How do I get the nearly worn off look right from the start?  should i be blotting a lot?  should i be using less product? (easy with the lip tar, hard with lip butter) should i just resign myself to only looking good a few hours into my day?


Has this happened to anyone else?  How have you dealt with it?

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

I blot and wipe a bit, and then apply some powder foundation through a tissue... helps tone down the shades and make them more wearable!



Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

Y'all are all such great suggestors, I have no idea what I would do without your help.


(Well I'd probably stumble around in messy but also boring makeup)

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

We're happy to help, Meg! Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

I read that runway makeup artists use a Q-tip on lipstick to soften the edges and lighten the look. I use that method on bright red colors that would otherwise overwhelm my pale skintone. It works great for tidying up the edges too, even when I use a nude lipliner, sometimes if I'm in a hurry, my lipstick application can go outside the lines- a Q-tip can clean up the edge without disturbing the liner that keeps my color from bleeding into fine lines around my lips.

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

Using less product and blotting from the initial application can help, but also, try using your finger to pat and apply the product. This gives a softer application and one that looks a bit more organic as you won't get the hard line of direct application or the precision from a brush. Just keep your finger moving and dabbing/patting to distribute product evenly and if it feels too dry, add a touch of lip balm so it's more emollient without applying your color product!

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

Hi Meg82,


I like to blot my lipsticks (especially if they have a lot of pigment) or I like to mix it with a really nude shades to tone it down a bit.

<3 Melissa

Re: Lipstick that Looks Better Worn Off?

Keeping with Melissa's suggestion of mixing your product with a nude shade to tone it down, OCC has a clear Lip Tar used to prime and thin down colors which works great if you have difficulty with working with a smaller amount of the LT or getting it to apply evenly with the patting method. Just cut down the color one with the clear!



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