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Lightweight, hydrating eye cream...

Hello there beauty insiders, I have been in the market for a lightweight, but really hydrating eye cream lately for daywear. I wear a heavy/thick eye cream at night specially for my eye needs, but I don't like wearing it during the day because once it finally melts into my eye area, my YSL Touche Eclat sort of sheers down even more and eventually creases (even with setting powder). So can someone help me find a lightweight eye cream, but still provides a lot of hydration? 


*doesn't need to only be sold at sephora* 

Thanks a bunch! :-) 

Re: Lightweight, hydrating eye cream...

There's a couple of formulas to look into, try Origins' Eye Doctor:

swfupload_9074126889885087839.jpgIt's perfect for day time since it's a lighter weight cream but has soothing botanicals like cucumber and ginseng to perk up eyes and to cool and soothe (perfect for easing fine lines).


There's also Fresh's Lotus Eye Gel, gels are lighter in weight to begin with and will help have a depuffing effect, jojoba extract and antioxidants also hydrate and protect the under eye area.



Bobbi Brown also makes a hydrating eye cream with jojoba, squalane, and avocado oils which are rich in fatty acids to hydrate and improve the condition of the under eye area and also has aloe to provide instant care.


Re: Lightweight, hydrating eye cream...

Ya, I got a tester of YSL Touche Eclat and noticed that it's a creaser...


I just started using Smashbox'sPhoto Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer, which doubles as an under eye cream (if you want it to - I still wear Tarte's Maracuja C-Brighter underneath it) and a primer. I use Lancome Effacernes over it and then I use my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.


For the first time, with this trio, I can get almost creaseless under eyes for the entirety of the day. Frankly, the Smashbox doesn't make a huge difference crease-wise, but I feel as though my Effacernes application is 100 times smoother and more flawless than it has been with other under eye products, and that my creases appear slightly less deep.


My trick with the setting powder is that I pull down my under eyes to flatten out my creases for a full minute while the powder 'sets.' Otherwise, I set my creases.


Phew! Sorry, that was longwinded!

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