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Lets Talk Eye Brows!

Seriously I need help with my eyebrows. Lately Ive been tweezing them and they come out short. I also really want them to be full and gorgeous looking. BUT!!! They always get messed up and all over the place and it looks like i cant control them sometimes! The hairs stick up this way and that and it is so annoying!! Please help me. i want eyebrows like Megan Fox's ha ha! they are perfect honestly!swfupload_4267720022305390054.jpg


Re: Lets Talk Eye Brows!

It can also help if you post a photo of the state of your brows currently so we can give specific tips to shape and style your brows to give them a fuller look similar to Megan Fox's brow shape.

Re: Lets Talk Eye Brows!

I second what Diana has said. A good way to avoid over plucking for short brows is by taking an eyeliner pencil and lining it up at the side of your nose so that you create a straight edge that goes upward toward your brows. Never pluck beyond the point in which your nose and brow line up. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Lets Talk Eye Brows!

Hi Kaietlynn, 


FIrst thing- put down the tweezers! I used to overpluck my brows a TON as well so thats the most important thing to remember! You may need to let them grow for a few weeks until they are back to a healthy and fuller looking appearance. I like to use mini scissors (like for the nails) to trim longer hairs from sticking out and around and ruining their shape. That, combined with a bit of brow wax or gel and your brows will be a LOT easier to manage. 


For now you can fake a fuller brow with some stencils and a powder or powder based brush. These are a lot more natural looking than a hard pencil or gel or marker will be as they are less dramatic and intense looking and will give a softer touch. 


I highly recommend you look at Anastasia's Beauty Express for brows and eyes which has a wax, brow powder, a brush, stencis and a highlighter to define the brows and illujminate your eyes:



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Lets Talk Eye Brows!

Anastasia brow kit has a wax in it that keeps my wild brows in place then I set them with her brow gel. Filling them in takes time to make them look model perfect but once I get them set they stay in  place all day long. Oh and the kit comes with  stencils to. It has been the best investment. 

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