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Lash extensions

British Beauty Blogger is always mentioning her lash extensions, and I was wondering, what are they exactly? I mean I understand the concept but,

a) how are they done - tied in? glued in?

b) what type of material are they - natural hair? any specific type?

c) can you still wear mascara with them? or would mascara rip them out?

I saw some pictures when I Googled it and they look amazing. But for $300 I would only consider getting some for a very special occasion like getting married. And I would probably have to be tranquilized while they're being applied, lol.

Thoughts about them? Where do they rate for you on the creepiness scale? I'd say way more creepy than mascara but way less creepy than strips of false lashes. What do you think?

RE: Lash extensions

I have been getting less dramatic sets of extensions for several months now and absolutely love them! Mine last about 4 weeks and I get fills for $45! It's not cheap but I prioritize them in my budget because they make me so much more confident! Just make sure to do your research so you don't end up going somewhere with inexperienced staff-- you don't want to damage your natural eyelashes!

Re: Lash extensions

This has pretty much been answered, but they are generally natural hairs applied with medical-grade glue on top of your "teenage" lashes. (Teenage, meaning, they aren't older and about to fall out, and not baby lashes that aren't strong enough to hold the weight.)


There are some places that will do a full set for $300, and then charge $50/month to "retouch."


I had them once, and they are AMAZING. You can wear mascara over them, but I don't think you really have to. They come in different lengths and levels of darkness...

Re: Lash extensions

Some friends I know went to get lash extensions. They're not as costly as $300, I think some start at less than $100. 


I don't think they're creepy, and they're more permanent than some people's hair extensions. Also mascara can get gunky and glue your lashes together. The lash extensions I saw on them looked really natural and very beautiful. I was surprised at first I thought they just had naturally really long curled and dark lashes and I never noticed, or they wear mascara really well.


Like the previous comment, I don't think you should put in mascara on the extensions except mascara you can buy at the salon specifically for extensions. Also I wouldn't think you'd need to use mascara considering the point of lash extensions is to create the same effect in a even more natural way. It also seemed to thicken the lash line on my friends so that eyeliner is no longer needed unless you want a major diva or drag queen effect.

Re: Lash extensions

I also do eyelash extensions, for some time now.


They are applied individually with a special glue, not available to the general public. This also explains the extremes in price differences. The more expensive salons offer top grade products, and trained staff.


They take approximately 90 mins or longer, for a full set on the top, which is corner to corner.


Some places work with cluster type extensions, from very fine, to thich and fluffy. Again, depends on your preference, although the more expensive priced salons, will not work with them, and only offer the individual, one extension, for one hair service.


* I would not recommend to use mascara with the extensions. I do find that  the effort to remove the mascara, and the brush gliding thru the extension, will weaken the extension, casuing them to not last as long.

It is ok to apply mascara to the lower lashes, that have not received extensions.


There are options for hair types (natural, synthetic). I recommend synthetic. It is not receptable to bacteria, like natural hair can become.


The lashes last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, without a maintaince follow up. Depending again on the quality of glue used, your maintaince at home (avoiding products and bad habits that would cause them to fall out), and the strenght of your natural lashes. Some people have very fine lashes, others thick and strong, that carry the extension for a longer period of time.


You can get fill in maintaince to replace the lashes that have fallen out. The option to continue this maintaince, is up to you. You can maintain them as long as you wish after the intial application.


Lash extensions offer a range of lengths and thickness, not able to recreate with a mascara.


: )

Re: Lash extensions

I've secretly always wanted these! I don't think they're creepy at all, because they can look amazing and really natural if applied correctly. They're expensive, though, as you pointed out. As far as I know:


a) They're applied using waterproof adhesive -- individual extensions, one at a time, using tweezers. The adhesive can be black (to replicate the look of mascara) or clear. 


b) I think they can be synthetic or natural, and they come in different lengths and thickness. 


c) Yes, you can still wear a touch of water-based mascara (not waterproof) and avoid applying it to the roots of lashes. 


If these lasted longer, I might seriously consider it. They last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your lashes, though touch ups are recommended every 3-4 weeks. That's a commitment I am not sure I could make at this point...I'm quite happy with my Too Faced Lash Injection.


: )


PS: I think false lashes are only creepy when they're spidery and fake looking (assuming they are not part of a costume). I have MAC lashes that I wear from time to time for evenings out that look exactly like my own, just a little longer and more dense.  Looking at them, you would not automatically assume that they are fake. I have never tried any falsies with glitter, feathers or rhinestones, if that's what you mean : )

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