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KAT VON D tattoo vs. KAT VON D ink

OK, which one is easier/better? The tattoo or the ink? I bought the Lorac one, and have been practicing, but I'm not thrilled with it (at least not enough to go out in public). Suggestions? I'm not terribly experienced with this liquid liner stuff.

Re: KAT VON D tattoo vs. KAT VON D ink

Hi jozkid,

The Ink Liner has a felt tip that provides a very pigmented, quick payoff. The Tattoo Liner has a brush tip and is perfect for preciseness. I would say that if you're new to liquid eyeliners, you might want to start with the Ink Liner felt tip, as it might be a little easier for beginners.  However, both are amazing!

Smiley Happy -Laura


Kat Von D - Ink Liner

Ink-Felt tip>


Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner

Tattoo Brush tip>

Re: KAT VON D tattoo vs. KAT VON D ink

Thanks Laura!

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