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Hey everyone!


I have a question about the inglot website and recommendations!

I've never ordered from inglot and am looking to buy an eyeshadow palette. I was on the USA version of the site and they have no eyeshadows. So I switched to the UK version and they have shadows, but it looks like they are round and come in packaging which I don't want. Can anyone get me to the right location to purchase their palette and individual shadows??


Also I am looking to obviously buy shadows. Plum colors. Neutrals. Taupes. Browns. Champagne. Both matte and shimmer/satin finish. Just any shadows you own and love would help me out a lot! I haven't ever been to IMATS and that makes me nervous to order online when I can't swatch any shades! I also (of course) have no store near me.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Inglot

yeah beautylish just started offering Inglot on their website, and it's MUCH easier to use than Inglot's horrible user-unfriendly site.  beautylish includes swatches of each shade which is so much better than trying to guess what a shade looks like based on computer generated swatches.

Re: Inglot

Yeah their site is very user-unfriendly like you said! that's the perfect way of describing it.. I was just so confused lol.

Re: Inglot

I think you have to click on the section called "Freedom System" and then click on eyes, then eyeshadows.  You don't HAVE to buy the palette that the eyeshadows go in, but it makes the most sense and it's pretty darn cheap.


If you google Inglot swatches you can find a TON of great beauty bloggers who have extensively swatched the collections, and that definitely helped me when I was buying.  I ended up buying 5 pearl shades: 402, 409, 420, 423, and 444.  They're all neutrals, and I aimed for varying shades of taupe.  I was pleasantly surprised at the variation and THRILLED/AMAZED at the quality.  The online swatches are actually decent (unlike Sephora, let's be real) in giving you an idea of what the product color will look like, which is also nice.


I'd definitely recommend all (or any) of the shades I bought if you're looking for some absolutely beautiful neutral pearl finish shadows.  If you want, I can swatch mine tomorrow and post a picture!

Re: Inglot

That would be great if you could! Thank you!

Re: Inglot

@emmaclaire -- omg i would LOVE to see your swatches!  i was drooling over the awesome variety of taupes and grays that Inglot offers!

Re: Inglot

And here is the natural lighting version!  I think this one shows the colors more accurately.  The first shade is my favorite, I'll be honest, haha!



Re: Inglot

I'm so sorry I didn't see these replies!  I might post a new thread because there has been interest in seeing Inglot taupe/neutral swatches, but here are the pictures I just took:




This is in artificial light (I have another picture with natural light that won't upload, I'll make another reply in a second), from left to right the shades are 402, 409, 420, 444, and 423.

Re: Inglot

these look awesome!  I think I need to get 420 at the very least.  On my screen it looks like a very slightly bluish-gray.  Thanks so much for posting these swatches!!!  I've been so curious about Inglot lately but haven't tried any of their stuff yet so this is super helpful.

Re: Inglot

No problem!  420 is gorgeous, it's a grey-ish, silvery, purple-y neutral that seems universally flattering.  These are all the shades I own, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting more in the future.  They're only $6 (I think) and the quality is really remarkable.  I find them to be more pigmented and better texture-wise than Urban Decay, I usually just use my finger to apply them because they're nearly fool proof!  Plus they last all day with absolutely no fading or creasing, even without lid primer.

Re: Inglot

I think you can go to and see them there.

Re: Inglot

Thank you!

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