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I need some colors in a Palette!

Hi all! Happy Independence day!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I was wanting to play around with eyeshadows last night, and realized I really have no pretty, lighter colors of eyeshadows!  My eyeshadow collection is a vast desert of neutrals and dark, smokey colors.

I have Naked 1 and 3, and Naturally Pretty by IT, and Nars Kauaii, and a Lancome with Pink, dark purple and a few random singles in plums, grays and greens. Everything is Dark! 

I have fair, pink-toned skin, and want a palette that has a variety of pretty, lighter colors ( pink, blues,lavenders, greens, etc) that are wearable and not too glittery...and please, NOT the UD ELectric, I have seen that and it is not for me.  

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Ooooooh! Thanks all of you!! I knew you would give me some great ideas!! I have seen the Stila "in the garden " palette and was thinking of that, as well as Kitten and the MJ palette sounds goo, too! I had stalked the KVD Chrysalis Palette as well, may check that out!  It helps me to have a list or something when I go, because as I have mentioned I tend to get very ovverwhelmed at the store then I blank out and end up not buying anything at all. I will write all of these down, stalk them, and then go look! Thanks you are all da best!!! xoxo

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Urban Decay Ammo palette! 

Also Marc Jacobs The Siren. 

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Second the Ammo Palette! It has fun colours and they are very wearable. Smiley Happy

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Isn't it great? I find myself reaching for it A LOT when I want some good color but nothing too "wild".

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Same! Or I mix some of the colors with my neutrals for a change in my usual look.


my favourite color in the pallet is Last Call? I only got it last March and I've already hit pan! I need to buy a full-size of that color when I'm done with it in the pallet! Smiley Happy

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Oh yeah, Ammo and Basics together is #winning!!


Last Call is GORGEOUS! And so easy to make dark or light.

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

I had seen the Ammo one online too, will write it down! thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

I'm surprised Lari didn't suggest the MJ Siren paltte to you Smiley Very Happy It's definitely wearable, especially if you use a light hand. The colors are very pretty and pair well with neutrals to add a little extra to your look

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Because I didn't get a chance to reply yet! Smiley Very Happy Thank you for doing my job for me!


I will second the MJ Siren Palette. I know it's a splurge, and I also know it looks extremely intimidating in the pan. Don't be scared. You can make them as sheer or as intense as you want, and it's super easy to make a beautifully blended pastel eye look without much effort. And when you're ready to take it a step further, you can build up the intensity in a jiffy, too. It's a super versatile palette that really makes 'color' accessible to the modern working woman, imo. It definitely helps that all of the shadows are super buttery, blend smoothly, and last all day without any creasing or fallout whatsoever. There are six shimmer shades and the darkest blue/green shade has soooome glitter, but it's really quite refined and subtle on the skin. Give it a looksie!


I find that it's totally worth it if it's in your budget.

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

^ Everything she said Smiley Wink

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

This morning I went to do an independence day red white and blue look and didn't have anything red! I decided I need to get something with lots of colors. Smiley Happy  If you check the what are you wearing thread, I posted a picture of sephora's color my life palette, which has a million colors, and surprisingly good/decent quality.

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

Stila has some great options with color:


In The Light: coppers/slate blue/mostly shimmers

In The Moment: neutrals& purples

In The Know: pink/mauve/peach/browns

In The Garden: greens/blue/purple & lighter neutrals- prob most variety in this one as to what you're looking for

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

I know that you are looking for a palette but I have been doing many looks as of late based around Stila kitten. I use different individual shades of Stila eyeshadows. I am very happy with the quality of them.

Re: I need some colors in a Palette!


The new Lorac Pro 2 palette has a good variety of colors. 


Re: I need some colors in a Palette!

BH Cosmetics has some nice colors, especially in their larger palettes.


Here are a few of theirs I think you might like.

  • Eye's On The 80's Palette
  • BH Party Girl Palette
  • Eye's On The 60's Palette
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