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I need help with my eyebrows?!

I have serious eyebrow problems, they are one of my biggest insecurities and I really want to find a solution. I have naturally red hair, and my eyebrows are COMPLETELY 100% blonde, I have both the stawburn (now called caramel I think) brow pencil and duo powder from Anastasia. But because I have no pigment in my brows, the colour just never looks right. Whatever I do to them they NEVER look good or natural. If anyone could recommend a product or two that could help me out it would be much appreciated. I attached a photo for reference (not great but you get the idea of my brows Smiley Sad


Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

Hi rachaeldawn,


You're gorgeous! A deeper colored brow is really going to make your features pop! I'm a sucker for brow products, as mine are naturally very fair and skimpy.


I would suggest going with the Caramel brow powder that you already have and pairing that with the Brow Wiz pencil in Caramel as well. Since you're having some difficulty getting more defined results, I would say 'prime' your brows using a brow mascara. I love using the Anastasia one. Simply stroke the mascara through each of your brows, allow this to dry, and then trace your brows using the pencil. Fill them in with the powder using feather strokes.


I find that filling my brows in from a distance while looking in the mirror allows me to get the most natural results. If they still look unnatural to you try brushing through them with a spooley.

Whimsically yours,

Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

Thank you so much Janine!


I was actually looking at that Anastasia coloured brow gel. I have the clear version but I was totally eyeing a coloured one, now I will defiantly be picking that up.


Thank you for the advice! 


Rachael Smiley Happy 

Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

I'd recommend using the clear gel, but you can try the colored one to see if that helps too Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

Oh my gosh! I just tried priming before...that worked great! I also decided to experiment a little bit (no one is home so I can look scary if it didn't work out Smiley Wink )


I brought them a little bit closer, and I actually used colour on them (I always you a little just so you can actually see them, but I've always been too afraid of it being too bold...but I'm in love! It like changed my whole face! Never realized how important brows were!!! 


Thank you so much Janine! Smiley Happy



Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

Prestige has brow liner in the color taupe, its only $4.25

Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

You also may want to check out the CK One Brow Pencil and Gel combo in 200 Foxy Redhead if you're near an Ulta. My red is a little darker than yours, but that's the only one that I've found so far that looks natural.


Re: I need help with my eyebrows?!

Thank you for your suggestion Smiley Happy 


Unfortunately there are no Ulta's around me, I live in Canada. But I am across the border often and I sometimes get to Ulta. I will defiantly keep this in mind next time I'm there.




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