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How to get a thin eyeliner line

I want to wear eyeliner more often but whenever I try to use my pencil or liquid eyeliners the line looks too think for my taste to wear to school. Do you ladies have any tricks or products that help you get a thin, but continuous line?


~We are all beautiful~

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

Hi Berniebeauty-


Have you ever used the Too Faced 3 - Way Lash Lining Tool? It easily creates a thin line and you can get really close to the lash line with this product!


Too Faced - 3 - Way Lash Lining Tool

<3 Melissa

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I was just going to suggest the same thing! It's so easy to use and you can get a thin or thick line depending on your own preference. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I was thinking you could use that pencil and do some tightlighting so its settle enough for school but still looks like you have some eyeliner on.

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I like using a thin brush tip liner that allows you to hold the brush from farther away so less pressure is rested in the hand which can usually result in heavier lines. I like Urban Decay's liquid liner for this.


Also try a cake liner or using a gel/cream liner with an angled, flat brush rather than a fine point. Press and "wiggle" the formula into the lash line for a solid application.

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

Try lining first with a pencil (cream eyeliner could work, even powder but I think pencil is easiest), and then go over the line with the liquid. Another good general tip for eyeliner is to apply mascara first (which would mean you are also applying eyeshadow first if you're usuing it), and then liner...this way you see the curve of your eyes better for a more gorgeous cat-eye!

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I find that gel eyeliner or any potted eyeliner with a skinny brush will give me a nice super thin line (or you can sharpen your pencil each time). Personally I find it more natural to just dot the eyeliners almost in the eyelashes, then smudge it out using a clean smudge brush or nude eyeshadow.

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

kat von d tattoo liner in trooper is the best thing ive ever done for my eyes.. its a thin felt tip liquid like i marker! it last all day but is not too hard to remove at night.. ive had mine over 8 months. start in the inner corner and hold your lid down and its a easy glide!!!!


Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

  I use a felt tip eyeliner with a thin, precise point, or an angled eyeliner brush with the retractable liner (to get thinner application). With retractable liners, the tips can round out and give you thicker, messier application, not the thin, continuous line that looks so sophisticated and clean. Liquid or felt-tip liners with thin-tipped applicators can help you get that "look". 

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I always had trouble too.  I saw Pixiwoo on youtube and they suggested using a mirror and look down so you can see and still have a lot of your eye exposed.  WOW did that work for me.  I can use pencil, gel pot..anything

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

Bare Minerals carries a line of brushes for eye liner plus they have eye pencils that work very well.

Re: How to get a thin eyeliner line

I'm a big fan of Pixi's Lash Line Ink. I got it at Target. It's like a felt tip marker, but the tip is really fine. It's also good for dotting into the lash line for when you don't want a straight line.

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