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How many palettes are too many palettes?

Considering all my palettes say they're only good for 12m (on the back of the box), and knowing I can't use all of the eyeshadows in a year, and not even being able to share for sanitary reasons, i'm starting to wonder if I have 'too many' palettes.


How many do you have and do you think that's too much? What's the magic number?

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

don't feel too bad I think I have more than 10 palettes LOL.

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I quit wanting more palettes so much once I got the right everyday balance for me so I think it has more to do with that than the number, maybe? I can still see buying special colors though or really pretty quads. My HG is a Chanel quint but I save it, it's nearly 1/2 gone. 


UD-Naked, Alice in Wonderland and Vice 2 are what I dropped my everyday dime on, the rest are things like Sonia Kashuk, WnW or more specialty things like Sugarpill. I sure bought enough quads and duos and singles until I had these three together though.They are what I reach for consistently and usually end up opening all 3 to choose colors when I'm at home. But I've taken each as a solo palette on a trip so they stand alone very well for me too. Together they give a good balance of brights, neutrals and blackened colors.

20 + 12 + 16 colors though, they'd better! 

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I have three full size palettes, a few single shadow colors, and a few sample palettes. I feel that is enough for me but for someone else it could be what they would use in one week. Personally I feel any more than 20 palettes and you will likely not use them up in a year unless you are a makeup artist applying makeup to multiple people daily or a beauty blogger who performs reviews for a living. So if you want to go with the 1 year recommendation I would limit myself to about 20 palettes (not single colors) (as that could be as many as 100 or so different eye shadows. 

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I would recommend you look at the Clarins and it cosmetics before committing to the Naked 3 - just trying to be helpful Smiley Happy

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

You're an evil person. I want the It Cosmetics neutral palette. I tried the Lorac Pro and I hated it, had no problem returning it. The naturally pretty however is screaming SCREAMING my name. That and their CC cream. And the Bye Bye under eye concealer. And concealer brush.


I have problems.

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

You have problems?

I have answers.

Get them All!!!    Finish the year with a great big "I Deserve This" gift to yourself.

I think you'll be able to start the New Year just BEAUTYfully if you doSmiley Tongue

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

Eyeshadow, blush and powder products -- as long as you store them carefully away from moisture -- will stay perfectly fine for years, and you really do not need to toss them after the recommended time. I think manufacturers are cautious with dates for their own reasons, but powder does not spoil like mascara or go bad and separate like a liquid foundation or concealer. Of course your comfort level is up to you, but unless it changes texture or starts to smell, etc., it's generally fine to use.


I know I have too many palettes (for me); I hardly use any of them! It's kind of a shame -- I love them all, but I don't bother with eyeshadow every day. Offhand, I can think of: UD NAKED, NAKED 2, Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs (x3), Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs (x2), Chanel quads (2), NARS Duos (6? I suppose these aren't palettes, but since there are multiple shades, I threw them in). Considering I also have a ton of eyeshadow singles, I tend to gravitate toward those and not the palettes as much. I'll have to put some of them back into rotation now, because I feel guilty! Smiley Happy


All of this said, I don't think there's really a magic number in terms of too many -- I think it all depends on usage! If you're getting use out of them, then they are serving a purpose, and you could argue that your money was justifiably spent.

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

lol i used to have a lot of palettes but i've narrowed things down a ton. Though I do agree with katie that the expiration dates for powder products doesn't have to be so strictly followed


Here's what I have and I am happy with them. Don't feel like i have too many lol. 

- Laura Mercier Luxe Color Portfolio
- Laura Mercier Bonne Minne Healthy Glow palette
- Laura Mercier Artist Palette 2013
- theBalm Nude ‘Tude

and i don't know if I count these, lol, theyre like trios and quads:

- Burberry Eye Shadow Palette
- Tom Ford She Wolf
- Stila Convertible Trio
- Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer


I probably got rid of like 10+ this year lol - both naked palettes, too faced bronzer palette, mufe flash color, chanel travel palette and quads, dior quints... stuff I just wasn't using!

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I have four palettes, and most of the shadows (depotted) from a Tarte holiday one that I use more to play with than anything else. I love them dearly, but I will say that having more than one or two makes you question buying another when you want it. This is a very good thing for some and a very frustrating one for others Smiley Very Happy

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I probably have enough to never buy another eyeshadow palette and still have eyeshadow when I die. But eyeshadows are my favorite.  I love trying new colors all the time and playing with my eyes.  The excitement I get from playing with a new palette is always worth buying one more for me.


Most of my eyeshadow palettes say 24 months, not 12 months, and I just checked a few places I trust and am seeing 2 years for eyeshadow.


That being said, I definitely am willing to use them longer than that.  I've got a Bobbi Brown palette from ~2008 that seems fine to me.  I do sanitize the top layer off and alcohol them every so often.


Someone else said in a thread once that other people collect comic books or baseball cards, I collect eyeshadow palettes.  They're pretty and I can actually use them.



Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

BEFORE reactivating my account I had:


-A random Bobbi brown palette

- a wet n wild palette from halloween '09

-A CG eye palette for Brown eyes


AFTER reactivating my Sephora account and becoming active on BT and another huge makeup forum I have:

- UD Smoked

- UD Vice 2

- UD Ammo

-Stila Artists Palette

-Stila In the Moment

- LM Artists Palette (GORGEOUS)

-ELF little black book-Cool


and the TF Chocolate Bar is on the way to my house!!


As much as I love eyeshadow, I think I will stop until I hit pan on something...ANYTHING. lol



Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

You're going to get a different answer depending on the person. Some think 2 palettes are too much, while others may say 10 isn't enough. Also, some prefer single shadows over palettes. 

Some will even consolidate their palettes into one. I recently depotted all 4 of my Naked palettes into one Z-palette. It's great! And I have a few Mac pro palettes for bright colors that I can swap out & rearrange as needed. 

I take good care of my eyeshadows; always use a clean brush & sanitize the powders with alcohol every 3-4 months. I still have mac shadows that are over 4 years old are that are just fine. 


Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I agree with dannyc, if you sanitize and take good care of your shadows, they should last you more than 12 months.

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

"too many".  hmmmm.  I don't know about too many.  I definitely think you could have "Enough" where you really don't need to buy any more.  But I'm not sure I would ever say too many. They are all just so fun. 


I have 

Naked 1

Naked 2

Too Faced A few of my favorite things

UD Vice 2

Lorac Behind the Scenes

A Bare Escentuals one

Countless individual bare mineral shades.

thats what i can think of for now….

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

Never enough! Never!!!!!!! (insert evil laugh)

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

"Infinity and beyond!!!" Smiley Very Happy

courtesy of buzz lightyear Smiley Tongue

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I was just asking myself the same question! These are all fairly new thanks to my new BT addiction, so hopefully they get good use over the next year...


UD Naked 2

UD Naked 3

UD Ammo

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette

Tarte Bow & Go Eye Palette

KVD Spellbinding

Too Faced Natural Eye

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes


... plus maybe a dozen or so individual shades. I'm official on a NO BUY for eyeshadows!

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I usually clean/sanitize my pressed powder products on a somewhat regular basis.  After I recover from being sick, I always clean my products even though I didn't use them while feeling like crap.  I'd rather be safe than sorry lol.

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

As long as you sanitize them, you can probably keep a palette for 5 years or more, provided you still like it then. I (had) four and it was too many for me, so I'm getting rid of one I've used like twice during the next traveling box. Three is just fine for me. I used Naked2 exclusively for a year and never hit pan. I think b/w Naked2, Naked3 and my UD Glinda palette I'll be fine on eyeshadow for the next three or four years. I honestly only really like simple, neutral eye makeup, with the occasionally gold, pink or plum accent. 

I love the palettes I own currently and I don't think I'll be buying any new ones anytime soon. Smiley Happy 

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

I have the same issue, I've got soooo many palettes that I don't even remember how many I have. Personally, I don't think the 12 month rule is carved in stone, I think you can use you palettes a LOT longer than that. If you use the same palette every day, hopefully you'll use it up. If you don't finish it but have kept your brushes nice and clean, the shelf life will be longer. Using it daily means there is the potential for more contaminants and it's open a lot.(Hope that 'palette open' part doesn't sound weird, I hope you know what I mean by that)

If you're switching off between palettes, chances are you are really not likely to use them up in a year. But each palette is kind of being bought more time. That doesn't make sense, can't find the words I want in order to explain what I mean. **frustrated face**

However, I do have an analogy that might make this more understandable.


I relate this to shoes. If you wear the same pair or 2 of shoes day in and day out, they're gonna wear out pretty quickly, there are things you can do to extend their life but, they're still going to wear out fairly quickly.

BUT, if you have 10 or 12 pairs of shoes that you rotate throughout the year, they are going to last so much longer, especially if you take care of them. Does that make more sense?

So, if you keep your brushes clean that will lengthen the life of your palettes. I know some other girls mentioned cleaning the palette with alcohol, I've never tried that, only learned that trick when I started hanging out here and it sounds like an interesting tip, Thanks ladies. I hope this helped you out. Smiley Happy

Re: How many palettes are too many palettes?

  • Benefit Cosemetics: Wold Famous Neutrals - Easiest Nudes Ever
  • Benefit Cosemetics:World Famous Neutrals - Most Glamorous Nudes Ever
  • Benefit Cosemetics: Benefit Cosmetics World Famous Neutrals - Sexiest Nudes Ever
  • Kat Von D: Lady Bird Palette
  • Kat Von D: Saint Palette
  • Urban Decay: Anarchy Face Case
  • Urban Decay: Feminine Palette
  • Urban Decay: Smoked Palette
  • Urban Decay: Book Of Shadows Vol. IV Redux
  • Urban Decay: Naked Palette
  • Urban Decay: Naked2 Palette
  • Urban Decay: Naked3 Palette

That's the ones off the top of my head that I have currently