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How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

I haven't worn much waterproof make up before and don't have make up remover (just soap and water). Usually I use Buxom's insider liner in onyx (and several other colors), and I'm about to run out and was thinking of trying the new hold the line but... how would you get it off??

I've heard a couple things to get waterproof eyeliner off, olive oil, lotion or make up remover on a q tip, but is that really ok to get in your eyes? Is it bad to not use remover to get it out? (Like leave it or reapply?) I'd imagine it would be but would love to hear an explanation...

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

Well, if you leave your eye makeup on you stand a very high chance of developing a sty or a chamilion as bacteria will inevitably get caught under your makeup.  Also, you'd be introducing more bacteria than is ideal to your makeup by applying it over a dirty surface thus making it not last as long and potentially making it a bacteria risk itself.


Of course eye makeup remover is alright for eyes but ideally one should try to avoid getting it in your eyes.  Dipping a q-tip into a lid of eye makeup remover and rolling the a-t-il through the lashes should help to remove any product that doesn't come off with your initial oil cleanse.  You may need a few q-tips but better than risking an infection. 

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

I love the Sephora cleansing water... totally does the job with waterproof and my best drugstore bargain is the Almay Oil Free Cleansing pads these will also do the job! Smiley Happy

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

My favorite makeup remover is Lancome BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.  You have to shake it up first to combine the double-phase liquid.  I would suggest dipping a Q tip into the remover & swiping over your waterline.


Lancome BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover


Lancome BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.jpg

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

As clarification I do use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, I'm southern vast generalities get lumped into one... Like all soda is coke lol. Cleanser is soap.

Ah I didn't know these things were formulated with the eye in mind that helps a lot. All I know is everything under the sun says 'don't get in eyes'.

Thankies everybody ^^

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

If you're talking specifically about getting makeup off your waterline, I recommend staying away from olive oil. I don't know about other people, but I tried olive oil for a time and if it ever got in my eyes, it stung like crazy. For waterline eyeliner removal, I'd suggest dipping a q-tip in eye makeup removers (oil-based if it's waterproof eyeliner), gently pulling out your eyelid a little, and swabbing the area with the q-tip until you don't see anymore residue. I would also do this after using a cotton pad soaked in remover to remove the rest of your eyeshadow, outside liner, mascara and whatnot. 


If you want to try olive oil on the outside areas of your eye, I think that's fine, but maybe just try a little bit and see how your eye adjusts. And definitely use a cotton PAD, not a cotton BALL. Be gentle, and hold it there for about 5-10 seconds before wiping. 


I really wouldn't recommend lotion, especially if you're talking about generic lotion. That was the first method I tried when I first started wearing makeup, and it wasn't effective, tugged at my eyes, and stung as well. I really don't think it's worth the trouble, especially with mascara and waterproof eyeliner.


Makeup removers are pretty good all around. There are some pretty good suggestions already, but I also really like Sonia Kashuk's remover. You can find it at Target, and it's a pretty reasonable price for a good quality remover. A lot of people love Lancome's BiFacial, but honestly.. that was the one remover I tried I hated; probably just didn't work with my body chemistry.


I also really agree that you shouldn't be washing your face with soap and water (unless it's Dove soap, but there are concerns there as well). There are lots of really great cleansers out there that can help take off makeup too, so you might not need that much makeup remover except for eyeliner and mascara.

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

Bliss Lid and Lash Wash

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

I like the Clinique remover, but the Sephora Waterproof makeup remove works well, too.  I use it on a cotton round, so it's moist but not wet enough to get it anywhere I don't put the pad.  Think of it this way -- if you're willing to put makeup that close to your eye, you should be able to put something to remove it that close to your eye.  Otherwise, keep it off your waterline!  Waterproof eye makeup remover is designed to be used near the eyes.


Also, I don't know your age, but I strongly suggest that you start using something other than soap and water to clean your face.  In fact, you probably need two somethings.  A makeup remover to remove makeup/sunscreen (you are wearing sunscreen of some sort, right?), and then a cleanser to remove dirt and daily grime from your face before you put on a moisturizer.  I often use Purity Made Simple, but I'm really liking First Aid Beauty's facial cleanser right now.


And yes, it's really not good to leave makeup on your face.  You will clog your pores, risk getting it in your eyes, etc.  Always wash and moisturize your face before going to bed.


(Do as I say, not as I did.  I was very bad about having a proper face washing routine into my 30s.  I wasn't wearing makeup, however.  It's amazing how dry my skin got and how bad makeup looked when we tried it out for my wedding.  Learn from my mistakes and treat your skin well and your skincare as your best beauty items.)

Re: How do you remove waterproof eyeliner from your waterline?

There's definitely a lot of makeup remover for waterproof/tough/eye make up. I like the Clinique makeup remover in purple bottle and have heard good things about MUFE, the blue gel eye makeup remover.


Howeverrr, for waterline, I use Koh Gen Do spa water. It doesn't make the area feel greasy and did not sting/irritate. It just feels like water. =)

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