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How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I'm curious, what are all the different ways and different products all of you use to draw attention to your eyes and really make them POP? I want to know it all--everything from using the right eye cream or lash enhancer, to using an eye brightening concealer and the right mascara and eyeshadow. What are all the different things you do to get that wonderful compliment: "you have such beautiful eyes!"? Smiley Very Happy

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

Since I wear glasses with black frames that aren't really thick or thin, the first thing I do after washing my face in the morning is use white eyeliner on my waterline. Right now, i have the Sephora Nano eyeliner in pure white. I use a primer and After that, I like to use a shimmery brown shadow, usually, with a darker brown liner on my top lashes. I love the tokidoki mozerella pallete for this.


Other days, if I feel like being dramatic, I'll use a bright cream eyeshadow as eyeliner, especially a bright turquoise. I think it makes my bluegreygreen eyes seem more blue. ^-^ I use lime green cream shadow or the blue shade in my mozzerella pallete too.

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Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I have simple brown eyes that I like to play up with little accents and I suppose it's the extra things things I do that get me compliments. I'll start from the very first thing I do:


1. I have horrible hereditary dark circles under my eyes so I like to moisturize the area and conceal it well which also helps to brighten my eyes. I apply two thin layers of very pigmented concealers - the first layer being Benefit's Erase Paste, which matches my skin tone, and the second being Revlon's Age Rewind Concealer, which is 1-2 shades lighter than my skintone and the one that produces the brightening effect. 


2. After I apply my eyeshadow primer, I like to add a matte tan/brown color thats a few shades darker than my skin tone, which is medium, into my crease to add depth. I use a fluffy crease blush to apply the color. A couple eyeshadow shades that I like using are:


  • The upper left tan shade from Maybelline's Chai Latte quad
  • MAC Soft Brown
  • MAC Cork.

3. When I apply my eyeliner, I only line my upper lashes and draw in a medium-thick line going thin at the inner corners and thicker in the outer corners. My favorite eyeliner is Clinique's Brush On Creme Liner and I always slightly wing it out in the outer corners of my eyes to open them up more.


4. When it comes to curling my lashes, I don't have any special techniques except curling my lashes from root to tip. I use my trusty Shu Uemura (thats lasted me for five years and it still works wonderfully) and my favorite mascara which is Maybelline The Falsies.


5. I use a dark brown shadow to softly line the outer 2/3 of my lower lashes and then line my inner rims with a light cream colored eyeliner. My favorite to use is MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20. This is the absolute finishing touch that makes my eyes their brightest, widest, and most noticeable!




Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I have a few go-tos 


I do a neutral smokey eye that just enhances a natural look that's pretty casual I play with the colors in the NAKED palette for it


I also love to sometimes do classic Barbra Streisand eyeliner and just have very statememt eyes


When I'm having fun with colors I use a gold or bronze color on the lid and line my lower lashed in a bright blue, maybe ill throw some glitter liner into the mix too 


Smiley Happy

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I use Urban Decay eyeshadows from the Book of Shadows Volume 3. First I line my upper lid with cream eyeliner and apply a pop of purple, teal, or blue from the palette to catch people's attention to my eyes Smiley Happy


Sometimes I just line my eye with blue eyeshadow and create a wing too.

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

one word, LINER Smiley Happy

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

Because I am not very into dramatic eye looks during the day, I try to avoid eyeshadow until the night comes around. i find that using one of the Sephora brand eyeliner eyeshadows really accentuate my eyes as well as my eye color. I have a nice olive skin tone so i apply a thick band of gold eyeliner on the lash line and it really does the trick.

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

Whay I get complimented on the most is my weight and eyes. My eyes mean the most to me though. People seem to think Brown eyes can't be pretty but I really like mine! They're medium brown but sometimes have lightbrown/caramel tint in certain lights. I  use a smashbox eyelash primer or Urban Decay primer on my eyelids. Then I use a matte low pigment white base eyeshadow. Over it I use a matte bold light brown and a shy tint of sparkly light purple or pink around the crease.  It makes my eyes a little deep and wider and looks great on caramel-tone skin! I use MUFE full cover on my eye circles. A thin coat of buxom in blackest black on my bottom lashes. Unlike most people I have long, full bottom lashes but they look natural and nice. I have thick upper lashes but not very long so I use petit false lashes from prettyandcute(dot)com. I love petit lashes because I have round medium-big eyes. Smiley Happy Lastly I wear white eyeliner on my lower lash line


I use a skin evening serum on them and drink a lot of water. I use anastasia pro wax kit shape my eyebrows and an eyebrow pencil. Does anyone know of a good afordable eye cream that reduces dark circles?



Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I have blue eyes and what usually makes them pop is the shirt/sweater I have on.  On my avatar I'm wearing a great color blue sweater and if you look up close my eyes look very blue.  I think I may be wearing blue makeup though.

Forresty greens are the colors that due make my eyes pop the best on their own.

I use random eye moisturizer (different samples), Benefit's Stay don't Stray primer, a mascara primer, Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer.  Then I use to have this awesome palette of three greens from Perscriptives but now I just go to my Sephora Palettes and do them up green.  I use one of many different green liners depending on the mood. And finish up with on of a couple brown eyeshadows.

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I have hazel eyes and when I want them to really stand out, I use the UD Naked palette, Virgin, Sin and Dark Horse. Line with MAC Fluidline Rich Ground, (a deep copper). A couple of coats of Blinc Kiss Me Mascara and I am ready for a night out!  I try to keep my blush and lip color simple so they don't detract from my eyes. I think that one of the reasons why I get compliments with the above routine is that I don't go overboard with the color so my hazel eyes get a chance to shine.

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I go for a really dramatic 60s look! Something Pattie Boyd inspired. (This is a really great tutorial)

Lining your waterline with white eyeliner and creating a bold mod-esque lashes are a really pretty and is very easy to do.

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I have VERY green eyes. When I get compliments like: "Oh my gosh your eyes are gorgeous" OR "Oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty and so green" its when I wear my purple smokey eye.


I have gotten this "purple smokey" eye look down to a science. I seriously am a pro at this look now and I practically wear it every day (I love doing it and I love the way it looks). Some people think a smokey eye is to dramatic for day time but I say who cares! Plus I feel, I'm young why not (I am 21)! Let me just say this look I can accomplish in like 3 minutes because I do it so often... I just love it.


With that being said I go for true purples, plum and plumy purples for eyeshadows. Mainly all my eyeshadows that I own are purples and plums. Hands down my all time favorite purples/plums that I use *almost* everyday are: Make Up Forever EyeShadow in Purple #92 (A Very vibrant matte purple.. which is gorgeous), Plum #39 (a dark matte plum) and the other MUFE eyeshadow has the number scratched off sooo unfortunately I can't tell you which one that is but it is a shimmery plum that is awesome. The other one I love is Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Schnauzer. Plus some Urban Decay shadows that are awesome!


ALSO I am very fortunate to have very long and thick lashes. I get compliments on them daily, which most of the time people want to know if I am wearing false eyelashes. BUT unfortunately I am naturally a blonde (I now dye my hair auburn red) and the tips of my lashes are white so they look non existence with no mascar Smiley Sad which is a bummer! But when it comes to mascara I have tried them all (seriously, I am a mascara junkie) and I have found that I really Love Dior blackout mascara and Buxom's Mascara. 


As for my skincare routine which helps my eyes look good I don't use too much. I am also a skin care junkie so I try a lot of different stuff but for right now I have been using: Korres Wild Rose Serum (around my eyes), Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil (under my eyes and in my eye lids) and for my lashes I just like to use L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum (which I use just to use just because I feel like it!). 

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Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

My eyes are light blue, so I stick to warm browns when I want to really make them stand out. I love NARS Mekong, the UD Naked Palette, etc. for this. However, I do not wear eyeshadow every day.


Daily, I wear black eyeliner (mostly on the top lid) and Too Faced Lash Injection (which makes my eyelashes ridiculously huge) -- so the black contrasts with the blue, which makes them stand out without looking too harsh. (If I line my bottom lids, though, it really does look too harsh -- plus, I look really tired!! It must just be how my eyes are shaped.)


: )

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I rarely full rim my eyes.  With my coloring, it looks awful and that I am trying too hard.  I love making colors work than creating a third eyelid and exacerbating dark circles underneath (full on day time black liner does this to me).  When I do use black, it's saved for the outer corner(s) or in a simplistic cat eye.


If I do put color on the lower portion, always light and reflective so that it doesn't draw too much attention.  Another option is to only line the outer corners and softly blend outwards.


More emphasis on the outer corners. Unless going for that really bold and wild make up application of childhood's past, I aim for a gradient effect from light to dark with the darkest part outwards. 


Blending properly in the crease area. 


Using colors to compliment my eyes.  So glad purple is in.  It has to be vivid enough though or some shadow combinations will appear looking like bruised eyes (saw this one on youtube a few weeks ago).  Knowing where to place colors on your skin tone is just as important.


Highlighting.  Adding lighter colors to the inner corners and/or right underneath the brows. 


Easy on the mascara.  Enough to coat the lashes and give color.  If adventurous, can do the gradient effect with even just brown and black. 


Brows (optional).  When doing more darker looks/shades (or cat eye), a slight bit of color to the brows to make them a little more visible and defined.


Edit: Products?  It really depends but I'll list the easy ones. 

Primer - UD or Smashbox's Photo Finish Lid Primer

Highlighter - Pencil (smashbox eye beam), powder NARS albatross (cannot find pencil and have to leave), or lighter eyeshadow (various)

Brows - Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil

A good blender brush (Sephora brand or the infamous MAC one)

Everything else, grab what you like and works best for you. 

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I rarely wear eye makeup to be honest, but when I do I wear Urban Decay Eyeshadows and always get compliments. If I want my eyes to stand out, I wear glittery shadows---Urban Decay Mauwie Wowie is my favorite for that, otherwise I pretty much just wear browns and golds for everyday wear. I never wear eyeliner, eyeprimer and very rarely wear mascara. I have been a faithful Urban Decay Eyeshadow buyer for years though...sales people and friends are always trying to get me to buy some from different companies but I never cave!Smiley Very Happy 

Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

Since your eyes are green, try these colors to bring them out:

Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches and soft violets.

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Re: How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?

I use a good eye cream to hydrate and smooth the skin around my eyes. I like Clinique "All About Eyes Rich."

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