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How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

I recently (yesterday) started wearing contacts. I have the overnight contacts so I can just fall asleep in them. all of the article that I have read say to remove your contacts before removing your eye makeup/mascara. Is there any way around this?


Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

I have never heard of you not removing your contacts when you are removing your eye makeup, your taking a huge chance of getting mascara under your lens and then rubbing your eyes possibly and scratching your cornea, just a disaster waiting to happen. Not recommended at all.

Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

Honestly this scares me so much! As someone who wore eye contacts for YEARS, and had lots of eye problems in the past, I would not recommend doing this. Trust me when I say that an irritated eye can be extremely painful! 

Even the overnight contacts should be taken out so your eyes can breathe. I understand wanting to do an easy one-step clean but I'd reconsider, it's really not worth all the eye problems that can come of it :/

Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

Your so right!! I wear contacts which I wear only for day and they come out at night for sure, I got a piece of mascara underneath one of my lenses and actually scratched my cornea and it does not feel good at all!

Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

I'm so glad someone agrees! To this day I still can't wear contacts full time anymore because of the issues I had related to my past eye infection. It got scratched (probably by makeup), and infected. Long story short it was bad, and now I have to wear glasses all the time. I still rock em but girls take care of your eyes! It's not worth the hassle and pain of hurting/scratching them.

Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

One thing I have found is that it totally depends on the kind of contacts you have and you may need to do some trial and error. If you can visit a store and get a few samples, it may be best. The last kind I wore were pretty impervious to residue. The ones I am wearing now are horrid and seem to collect every little bit of dust and residue possible. 


Good luck finding something awesome!!

Re: How can i remove mascara without taking out my contcts?

Have you considered tube mascaras like Blinc Mascara, Clinique Lash Power, BECCA's Ultimate Mascara, or FairyDrops Scandal Queen (I believe Loreal also makes one - Beauty Tubes or something)? They form little tubes around your eyelashes, and they come off with warm water and gentle pressure. If you feel like you have to tug at your eyelashes to get these mascaras off, then use more warm water, because the mascara is designed to slide off easily. Also, it will look like you just took off your eyelashes when you are removing tube mascara, but don't worry; those things on your fingers will be the tubes that were covering your eyelashes. Your eyelashes won't come off unless you tug too hard, which would really be your own fault anyway.


Blinc in particular states that its mascara "has been clinically tested to be non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of a mascara whose look, hold, and ease of removal is without compromise."


Clinique also states, for its Lash Power Mascara: "Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested."


I wear contact lenses, and I found both Blinc and Clinique to work really well; the main difference for me was the price.


Also, I believe this has been said, but make sure you take out your contacts periodically, even if you have the ones that you can leave in.

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