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How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

Hi, I hope it is ok to post this here but I have a question about how to spot if something is fake.  I am asking because I really want a Guerlain Meteorites shade that was from 2 years ago and one eyeshadow palette I wanted sold out before I could get them and I have seen some on ebay and amazon and I was just wondering if I take a chance what should I look for?  (I know buyer beware...but it is for myself and I am wanting the palette and I ran out of my meteorites in the shade I loved for years so if it turns out to be fake then it was my bad luck but I am hoping there are some that are legit....I have googled and looked for any info on signs to look for on the palette but I have not found I see that you can get copies from Alibaba already on the palette and I was floored to see how many fake meteorites there were so I am just wanting to make sure they are legit if I can)


1.  Guerlain it true that they are all smooth on the inside of the top of the container?

2.  Lorac Mega Pro Palette - Signs to look for?  QR codes not working?  Alignment off? 

Are there fakes that are really close to original? 

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

That ebay seller everyone is raving over is located in Singapore, the MECCA of Asia-made fakes. MANY sellers there copy batch codes and serial numbers, skews and scan codes perfectly. That's how I got a few awesome and excellent hard-to-spot knockoff bags -complete with the metal serial code card included. Because most buyers are buying items they've never tried from that brand before, they assume slight packaging differences are customary. The fakes are usually stellar, but fakes nevertheless. This is stuff you're going to put on your face. I think you should...


1. visit your local mall or even the Sephora or your local Guerlain counter and request a sample. See if you even like it. Most samples are reasonably large enough to use for a while, as higher end brands tend to last and go longer than others. Use your samples. They're free.


2. If you love the item, invest in the real version. Most fakes on eBay and Amazon are not too off the mark so far as price, you're only saving $15 or so, why not spend the extra to ensure you're getting legit items? MOST FAKES THAT ARE HIGHER PRICED ARE GOING TO BE EXTREMELY HARD TO SPOT. VERY HARD. The only telltale sign is the skin infection you end up with.


3. I know plenty of women who "dumpster dive" at Ulta, Sephora and the malls. Returned makeup is required to be discarded, usually it's only swatched. They sell their finds on Poshmark. (Beware of bad eBay experiences being resold on Poshmark, though.) You may find what you want or you can at least resell your finds and buy directly from the cosmetic sites, which often also have discount codes to save money. Use eBates for cash back. I know it sounds crazy, but I know a lot of women who do exactly that. You can also use apps like Kickstart and earn gift cards to sephora and buy your pallets. I know a girl who "earned" 21 free pallets that way.


Simply put, I do not like the high prices of makeup either but you can request free samples of anything, and only invest your hard earned money on the real thing. 


Amazon = they "big box" everything at the warehouses. I have a client who works at Amazon. She explained that they put ALL the Kylie lip kits in one box from all sellers for example. When you order one, you will either get a real one or you'll end up with a Chinese fake -REGARDLESS OF THE PRICE YOU PAY. I would never, ever purchase a personal care/makeup from Amazon because they are even faking Olay and small brands now including Vicks and Vaseline. Stay FAR away from Amazon. I bought 4 tubes of Dermacol from there and every single one was slightly different though they should have all been identical. 

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

I bought my first ebay makeup item a Tom Ford lipstick andit's atotal fake! It smells horrible. I reported it so we'll see what happens but I won't be buying makeup through ebay ever again. 

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

The inside of the top of the container....yes? They changed the design for the outside of the jar earlier this year, and they switched from cardboard to metal ~4yrs ago, but the inside haven't changed (well, the padding switched from foam to a cloth puff).


The only one I trust on eBay is Germ1123, I've had multiple conversations and brought repeatedly from her. As for determine if it's fake/trusted:

1. If it's on Amazon I look for products that have reviews marked "verified purchase" in green beside their name, it means the person writing the review brought this specific product from this specific seller.

2. If it's on eBay I look at seller rating, I prefer those with 500+ reviews and 95%+ ratings (altho if a seller have 1000+ reviews and 100% gets a little doubtful since it's impossible for all transaction to go smoothly. I know sellers are not allowed to harass you over bad rating but.....I've heard cases).

3. I find all images of the products available and compare every detail against the seller's.

4. I email the seller and ask for images of the bottom, so I can look up the batch code. If they don't email me back, refuse to provide pictures, rude/terrible english emails then I don't buy.

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

That seller is located in Singapore, the MECCA of the Asian-made fakes where they copy packaging and codes to perfection. 

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

Buy only from sellers with great ratings, period. New sellers can also be wonderful but you just don't know.  I have both bought and sold on eBay and can verify that there is a lot of fraud (on both ends).  

But sellers with a track record are usually fine.  I never buy from foreign sellers unless the product is actually from that country (I buy a lot from Korea and have had great luck; I would never buy Guerlain from Korea).

I think an earlier point about how the product has been stored is important.  I just bought a lipstick that was two years old on eBay and it was pristine.  I will only do that rarely.

With the Meteorites I'd just wait for the new ones coming out for spring any time.  Why risk it.

For the Mega Pro…you're probably okay buying from trusted sellers in the US.

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

Counterfeits can look similar to the original, but if you aren't aware how it should look then it may be harder to tell. Also be careful where the item comes from (where produced), materials - in higher amounts, more than regulation - that should not be in contact with the body are known to be in true counterfeits.


I know Amazon as the seller is authorized to sell Lorac.

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

eBay is buyer beware... sorta. Just message the seller through eBay before you buy asking if the product is authentic. If they say yes, you buy it, and it turns out to be fake, you can get your money back (including shipping) from eBay protection.


However most sellers will just refund the money if you tell them you asked specifically if it was authentic and it turned out to be fake. They care a lot about their feedback and ratings.


Obviously you want to look at pictures and feedback before you buy, but if something unexpected happens you can still get your money back.

Re: How To Tell If Fake/Counterfeit?

Buy from a seller that has sold for a long amount of time and read their feedback. Ask for pictures if the posted pictures are stock pictures. I sell on eBay and just know that if you are sold a fake you are protected. Just file a claim on eBay. For meteorites or anything Guerlain I trust Germ1123 and ms_guerlain. 

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