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Hooded eyes

I have very hooded eyes and they are very oily, not only that, I work in fast food. Every time I use my liquid liner I end up with my entire lid being black from it smudging off, I do keep my eyes open till it dries but it doesn’t matter. I buy cruelty free to make things even more difficult. I’m just wondering if I should try a different product to see if that changes or if there’s something I could use that will stop that from happening. Like, if o use a primer will that not happen? (I’m using Elf, which I know a lot of people say are bad, but I haven’t had any issues with any product other than their liners) 

Hooded eyes

Krazy4kadie, I have a condition called Blepharitis which basically is made worse/caused by over production of oils on the eyelids/lash line. My ophthalmologist has me using a OTC lid scrub (ocusoft lid scrub) to manage it. You can also use a small diluted amount of baby product like no more tears to gently clean. For me, its provided relief and products stay put much better. Best wishes, hope you find a fix!

Re: Hooded eyes

@Krazy4kadiea primer might help, but a different liquid liner may be worth trying too. I don't know much about the CF status of a lot of drugstore brands unfortunately, though I am fairly well versed on here. My guess is you may have better luck with like a gel liner or something more water based that's less oil soluble? or like an oil control primer for your face on your lids? IDK I'm just spitballing here

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