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Hooded eye sos!

Can someone help me I want to do eyeshadows better cause when I put eyeshadow on you can’t see it cause of the hood on my eye

Re: Hooded eye sos!



1. Look straight on in a mirror 

2. Use a shadow two shades darker than your skin tone to trace a line just above where your crease is with a small pencil brush or an eyeliner brush. Tou can use this as a guide for when you’re working with color on your lid so when you’re tilting your head up or down you can still see where your crease naturally sits.   Anything above this line will be visible and anything below it will only be visible when you blink or look down.

3. Limit dark shades  to the lower lash line and hooded area to draw it back and lighter shades to the mobile lid to make it appear larger.  

3. Watch Wayne Goss YouTube videos on how to do hooded eyesSmiley WinkSmiley Wink. He’s an amazing makeup artist.   

great advice!

great advice!

Re: Hooded eye sos!

Hi! You can try bringing your eyeshadow slightly above your hood to see the colour. So, instead of only putting it on lid, try bringing it above the line that your crease disappears into.

great advice!

great advice!
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