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Help! :)

What is the best mascara for eyelashes that dont hold a curl well?

Re: Help! :)

They're real, I promise you'll love it and use nothing else! I ordered 3 sets and its the best! I never want to run out!!!

Re: Help! :)

I have tried many from Sephora and keep going back to Mabelline The Falsies in Waterproof. 

Re: Help! :)

Its Real, I ordered 3 sets and its the best!

Re: Help! :)

I second Dior's Iconic Overcurl!

Re: Help! :)

I love Dior's Iconic Overcurl Mascara.Dior's Iconic Overcurl.jpg


Here's the link for you as well if you want to look at it:

Re: Help! :)

I have the same problem. I cheap out on mascara (only buy drugstore) because it never lasts long, but I always buy waterproof and it helps tremendously! If i don't use waterproof then the curl in my lashes will fall out in seconds. I've tried a lot of 'curling' mascaras as well and  i really don't find they do anything more then normal waterproof mascaras.

Re: Help! :)

Try the "They're real" I have 3, never want to run out. I've went overboard buying on here, none of the foundations "samples" I cared for but that is the best mascara, I promise!

Re: Help! :)


I say go for brands that are famous for their mascaras 

I tried the Bobbi brown because someone said they're amazing, but because they're not famous for them, they looked amazing in the beginning but ended up looking really bad within hours. 

I think Dior and Lancome is best 

I've heard great things about Loreal and Maybelline as well but if you really need the hold, I think Dior will make up for that minimal difference for you 

if you ever need more, try a mascara base or top coat 

Re: Help! :)

The benefit "they are real"  seems to work for me and it makes my lashes look longer. 

 I have the same problem before, my eyelash wont hold a curl as well. But recently, I was using this Loreal boosting serum for 2 months now and use it everyday/twice a day and the results made my eyelash look thicker and it curls bettter now Smiley Happy


i hope this helps.

Re: Help! :)

Works great for me, I wouldn't wear nothing else and the tip lets you separate your lashes and no clogs. People try "They're real" I promise you'll throw away any brand you have as I did and had 4 different kinds. ( two un-opened) I bought at Wal-Mart and returned them and still have 3 as I am a reseller but what I buy off of here is for my own personal use!

Re: Help! :)

you want to get waterproof..the wax in them will hold the curl. I personally use the drugstore branded mascaras, i.e. maybelline or covergirl lash blast waterproof work well and I have stick straight lashes!


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