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Help find me my first eyeshadow palette!!! PLEASE!



Tomorrow is my grad and im getting a makeover done at Sephora but I am also spending 50$ there. I want to get my first eyeshadow palette but I don't know which one. I'm fine with spending a bit over. 


Firstly, I have a monolid so I want a palette that suits my asian skintone. I am also pretty tan for an east asian. I have DARK brown eyes, almost black. But mostly I want a palette that is versatile for school but also to do looks. It's mainly a palette to do looks but also suitable for school. Thanks!



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Re: Help find me my first eyeshadow palette

Hey ! My first eye shadow palette was the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. I have brown eyes and brown skin and girrrrrl let me tell you the colors are REALLY pigmented so it'll show up if thats what you're kinda worried about. Its over $50 but if you're ready to invest in your makeup then go for it!


Congratulations on your graduation!

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