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Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

Hi! I am a very matchy-matchy person in my style. I dress like Ms. Frizzle and have like a million pairs of shoes to match every outfit. I just started using makeup to match my looks and every time I apply blue eyeshadow I look like a monster. I am okay with over the top dramatic, I like the color to stand out, but not in the weird way it is now... How do you all get blue eyeshadow to look good? I am using Huda Beauty’s Sapphire Obsession! And I am a BEGINNER!

RE: Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

hey, love your style! i would suggest that when you focus on playing with colors on the eyes, tone down the lip to help balance it. it creates a lot more cohesion in the entire race look, imo. so if you want to do blue eyeshadow, try a more sheer nude gloss rather than a reddish or coral liquid lipstick i agree with others about experimenting with bright colors as pops on eyeliner, maybe against or above your wing, or on the lower lashline diffused another great way to wear color is also just go simple, colorblocked, the entire eyelid just that one color and if you want to blur the edges that's fine or if you want them to be a clear defined lid color that's fine too, but that way it's a bigger statement while also not having to worry about doing a crease or transition, complicated look.

Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

looks great!!

Re: Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

i love playing with colorful liners to start! it helps to ease you into color, versus using intense colors and losing your way. also, with your eye color, you’d be able to rock blue shadow like a champ!

Re: Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

@jmorris4258 Your pics look great! But if you're looking for pointers I definitely second the youtube recommendation as well as maybe perusing the 100 days of eyeshadow/what are you wearing/ pan it/one palette challenge pages on here as some of those ladies come up with fantastic color combinations/looks I wouldn't necessarily think of

Re: Help! How can I make blue eyeshadow work?

@jmorris4258 if you have time David and Myiesha from the Sephora Pro team did tutorials on Sephora’s YouTube channel with how to apply blue eyeshadow 

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