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Hazel Eyes looking for mascara/eyeliner suggestions

My eyes are hazel, and I usually just go with a black liner underneath and black mascara (both from the Sephora Collection). I was thinking about switching it up. Would brown mascara and eyeliner look good with my eyes? Or is there a better color to bring them out?

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Re: Hazel Eyes looking for mascara/eyeliner suggestions

I have hazel eyes as well, and I prefer to use a mid- to dark-toned gray or a taupe-gray eyeliner. For me, these really look lovely and bring out any green tones in the eye.

Re: Hazel Eyes looking for mascara/eyeliner suggestions

Holy pomegranates! there is so much fun you can have with making hazel eyes pop. There's blue,green,purple and brown is lovely for a smokey eye. I would still use black mascara and just use eyeliner in different colors.

I have hazel eyes and i use blue eyeliner and you wouldn't believe how lovely it brings out your eyes and makes them pop. Smiley Happy

here's some pictures to give you an idea of what you can do.

I hope these examples help you get a better idea. Smiley Very Happy

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