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Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder

Has anybody tried this Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder? 

I saw it at the store, the packaging is really cute. Does it really work? 

Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder

Thank you for your response! I didn't not end up buying it.

Yesterday, I tried it at the store. When I came home, I was itchy on wear I put the powder and I felt some bumps by my cheeks. Not sure if it is the product that did it or the brush from the sephora employee that she made me borrow.

Re: Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder

Yes, I just got it over a week ago. And I love it! First thing to remember is that it is a more of a finishing powder, it won't necessarily "set" your makeup (although I've found this one does boost longevity of my makeup), and it isn't really a highlighter. I use it all over with a large, fluffy fan brush after I've set my base makeup with a setting powder. It really enhances the look of my skin and just gives it a soft glow, and as mentioned, I've found this one helps my makeup last a bit longer too. This powder also can be built up a little to give a soft pink finish, that could work as a natural blush on lighter skin tones.


Plus, this year's compact is a steal compared to last year's! That being said, while it is amazing, and one of the "stars" of my personal collection, it isn't absolutely a necessary product or step in a makeup routine (especially since it is at a luxury price point). But if you do get it, it is certainly a wonderful addition to your collection!

Re: Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder

Guerlain? is that some drug store brand? Smiley Wink I have never heard of it.


Of course they work, but it depends on what are you looking for?

Re: Guerlain crazy pearls illuminating powder

LOL Smiley Happy

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