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Gold eye shawdow for hazel eyes

Hi girlies!


I don't think I ever realized how gold shawdow looks on hazel eyes until I saw the little piece that I was looking at in one of my favorite magazines, it brings out olive tones and actually accentuates the natural gold flecks in hazel eyes. Smiley Happy

Re: Gold eye shawdow for hazel eyes

I love Nars Etrusque for my hazel eyes, it is more of an antique gold than yellow gold.  With a moss green liner it makes makes my eyes pop and gives them depth!  gold is one of my fav's when I want my eyes to look green.

Re: Gold eye shawdow for hazel eyes

Thanks for the tip! Smiley Happy I like golden shadows too, I have a darker hazel eye that sometimes looks more brown or green depending on the day but haven't thought of using a gold shadow to emphasize the colors more. I'll have to try this out! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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