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Gel liner always smudging?

Hello pretty ladies,


Back with another question to see what all you wonderful minds have to suggest.


I really like using gel liners because i find it gives me the most natural look - but no matter how I apply it, it smudges all under my eye and on the corners despite the fact not using much


If I tightline my eyes with a gel liner it's a no no and smudges within  MINUTES!! 


I have oily lids so things easily move around - with my stila liquid liner it stay puts all day but sometimes I find it is just a bit too much for an everyday thing.


I've tried gel liners from tarte, bobbi brown, smash box and god knows what and none of them worked - I've been using a Korean brand which has proven to have better "smudge proof" quality. I still want to know more options.


I know probably a pencil option may be good - so any suggestions?

Stila? Urban Decay?


How do I get my gel liners not to travel down to my lower lid and smudge all over my under eye area and the corners of my eyes!!! 


It's driving me nuts.


Re: Gel liner always smudging?

Have you tried Mar Jacob's Gel eyeliner?


It is in pencil form, but I take an angled eyeliner brush, run it against the tip of the eyeliner and use it like it came from a pot. This stuff is really long lasting, and budgeproof. You will need a good eye makeup remover to take it off, I use one that is oil based to take it off.

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