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Gel Liner

What gel liner is the best out there. something that doesn smudge waterproof and creamy

Re: Gel Liner

I have a few aqua creams and use them as a base, never tried them as a liner. But it is a cream. Do you want a gel liner, or a cream liner?

Re: Gel Liner

I want a gel liner but the lady said that this works better than any other gal liner 

Re: Gel Liner

@Mstars was this the one they recommended? It is a cream not a gel. It really is amazing and stays put!  I forgot I had it on and took a shower. When I got out it was still there perfectly in place. I highly recommend it. Smiley Happy


Re: Gel Liner

Yes its this one that they recommended Smiley Happy the lady told me it works perfect as a liner

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