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Gel Eyeliner

Hi all, I just purchased a pot of gel eyeliner for the first time and am hoping for some tips on how to apply it.  I have an angled brush, am I supposed to wet the bristles before I dip it in the eyeliner?  Any other things I should know or be aware of to make it go on smoothly?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Gel Eyeliner

Hi Chi82,


You definitely don't need to wet the bristles before you dip it in the eyeliner. To get a smooth application, I try to *gently* flatten my lid a bit to get an even application right above my lash line.


A piece of advice, gel eyeliner tends to dry out very fast so be sure to keep the lid tightly closed after you are finished with it. I also switched to a pointed eyeliner brush from an angled brush. Although the angled brush is easier to work with, you will typically get a thicker line than the pointed eyeliner brush ( Also, with the pointed eyeliner brush, you can dip it straight into the jar, and straight back out instead of moving the brush side to side on the gel. I've noticed that this helps a LOT with the eyeliner staying moist for a longer period of time. 

Re: Gel Eyeliner

Thank you so much, everyone!  This is super helpful - I tried it out this morning and was able to get a fierce subtle cat eye on my right eye.  The left eye, well, that's what Q-tips dipped in makeup remover are for, right?  I was able to get it to match the right eye eventually.  Final result was very 60s mod, which I love.


msmisty, it sounds like we have very similar eyelashes!  I am also very lucky to have long, thick eyelashes though mine don't really curl so much as have a slight lift at the tips.  So I found myself using the angled brush sideways and actually really liked it.  I sometimes struggle with a straight application because my lashes get in the way.  The angle of the brush let me apply it with the brush horizontal but my hand and lashes were not blocking anything.  I'll keep practicing with this one since I bought it (while also trying to make myself ambidextrous for that left eye), but if I want to try something new I'll keep the one that jlee415 linked to in mind.


Again, thank you!

Re: Gel Eyeliner

Janinebt already gave lots of great info. I prefer gel eyeliner myself and that is what I use the most overall. Some things to add that haven't already been covered. The right brush is the difference between easy, precise application and trouble. I have naturally very long lashes that always have a slight curl to them, which may sound glamorous but when it comes to applying liner it was very frustrating. I use the Bobbi Brown fine eye liner brush after striking out on a few other brushes, including an angled eye brush. That's not to say it won't work for you, it may work wonderfully but give it a few strokes and if it seems like you are really struggling to get precise application the brush just may not be a good match for your eye. There is no one size fits all for anything in beauty so I'm certainly not suggesting the angled brush won't work for you, my sister and best friend both use them and love them. I am not sure what gel liner you are using but I use bobbi brown gel liners and they do not work on my waterline. If I want waterline application I have to use something like aqua eyes otherwise it rubs off. Other than that, these are incredibly long lasting and easy to work with and I think you will really enjoy the switch.

Re: Gel Eyeliner

I can't second this enough. First off-congratulations for making the switch--all of your old school eyeliner problems are about to be solved--adios smudging--and wear time issues are for sure gone. Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners last forever.


Application: like anything makeup related--no matter how good your product is-if you don't have the right applicator (and you don't take care of it) you're screwed. Bobby brown's brush has definitely worked best for me (hers usually do!) it has a very precise point that enables you to deposit the gel exactly where you want it--for either a thick or thin line. Its worth investing in--I actually, have two. You also need to  take care of it--fully wash it out with a brush cleaner every so often--and definitely spray it with a quick fix brush cleanser between uses--this is really a good habit for any brush-it makes your application more precise, and maintains the quality of the color you're applying. hope that helps!

Re: Gel Eyeliner

Hi chi82,


I love gel eyeliner they're easy to work with, long lasting, and will allow you to really get that precise winged tip. Water isn't needed for gel eyeliner, simply dip your brush into the pot to get enough product and apply the tip close to your upper lash line. Gel eyeliner does take a while to master, so I do recommend practicing until you get your technique down. Unlike liquid eyeliner it is a bit more difficult to smear and dries almost instantly.

Whimsically yours,
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