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Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

Alright ladies, I'm in the market for a palette and I'm looking for a fun one! So, Urban Decay Distortion, Too Faced Life's A Festival, or the new Huda Beauty Gemstones?? Or if there's another you recommend feel free to share! I just really like those 3 for the type I'm looking for. 🙂

Re: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

I’d go with distortion if I were you. It’s the most unique, it’s a palette that you will learn how to get more out of as you work it. The palette will turn all of your other palettes into colorful palettes and can also be used alone. This is the only palette of your choices that has the hot new grunge shades that everyone is putting in neutral palettes. Both color pop shayla, mat Von d anniversary and lime crime Venus 3 put grunge shades in their latest palettes, so if you pick this one your getting all the latest trends on sale. U D is high quality eyeshadow so you’ll get better looks if you’re new to color palettes.  That duochrome row will take your breath away in distortion.No other palette in my collection offers what this palette does. 


The huda palette is filled filled with great colors, but the quality of some parts will frustrate, maybe even make you think it’s you when it’s the palette. I’d say purchase this one later when it goes on sale. 


Festival is a palette I just got and haven’t played with yet. It has great summer colors, along with pretty peach shades that too Face does so well. There are some duochrome shades and the highlighter can be used to transform other shades. 


Re: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

Thank you! ... Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I think I am gonna go with it. Especially for that price! ❤️  

RE: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

What about one of the 6 pan Pat McGrath palettes? Like the Subversive? The formula is amazing and it’s not only fun, but can be used with a more subdued palette to create something more everyday. So, you can do a full on fun look or just use a pop of color . I know it’s silly expensive for 6 pans, but the Metallics are like liquid.

RE: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

Girrrllll.. if I could afford to splurge on that then I so would! Lol.. I prefer to spend that much money on a palette that has at least a few more colors than that.. my wallet would hate me! 😅

Re: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)


I have Distortion and Festival, and while I don't have the Huda Gemstones, I do have her Electric palette, so I can at least endorse the brand.


As a color color color nut, I say yes to all three 😄


Distortion is fun, and I like the shifters, but I'd have to say, of the three you mention, it's my least favorite. It's not a bad palette at all, and I don't regret it, especially on sale, but if I were forced to only pick one, this one wouldn't be it. The quality is there...there's just something missing that I can't quite put my finger on. I think maybe the color selection is a bit off from my personal taste. 


I just got Festival yesterday and haven't had a chance to fully play yet, but it is definitely fun. The mattes are a bit powdery, but not terribly so, and the shimmers are nice. Overall I'd give it 4/5 stars.


I adore my Huda Electric palette. Super blendable, buttery shades. Assuming Gemstones is of similar quality, this is probably the one I'd pick if I had to choose. 

Re: Fun eyeshadow palette suggestions :)

I’m a color fanatic too! Lol I have the Morphe 35B and I love it too.. so many colors! 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😅 I have been leaning towards the Huda as well.. Thanks so much!

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