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Fluorescent eyeshadows

Hey guys. I’d like to know if you could recommend an eyeshadow palette that has fluorescent colors. I want to try new colors for this summer cause why not ? Smiley Happy

Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

@antaaambayee As far as what's currently available on the market, the recommendation for the Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack is a good possibility; it's definitely bright as heck! (Do be aware that the orange and the pink are not technically "eye safe" under FDA rules, so if you have really sensitive eyes, keep that in mind.)


As for brights available at Sephora, the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Eyeshadow Palette looks nice if you'd prefer shimmers over mattes, and Temptalia gave it an A- in her review, so I'd expect the shadows' performance to be decent.

If you're okay with selecting and buying singles, MUFE singles have good color payoff, and are available at Sephora for $17 each. (Slightly less if you buy several at a time and build your own palette.)

Additionally from MUFE, there's the Artist Shadow Palette 2, which is sadly gone from Sephora, but still available on their site for $25. It has a lovely bright turquoise and neon pink, as well as some other great (but not as bright) shades.

My absolute top recommendation from Sephora is the Viseart Editorial Brights Pallette. It's the last bright palette you'll ever need to buy in your life. The shadows are wonderfully pigmented, and even better, they blend well enough that you can create any color between the shades without any difficulty, too. Unfortunately, it's $80. That'll go down to $68 if you wait until the next Sephora 15% off sale, but that's still a pretty penny.

If you want to try a less expensive option, the Viseart Petite Pro 5 Soleil is $30 and has a delightful yellow. (The other colors in the palette are nice, but fairly standard sunset shades rather than novel brights.)

Lastly, Viseart recently started selling their shadows as singles for $12 each, and several of the shades from the Editorial Brights Pallette are available as such on their website, if you only want a couple vs. the whole palette. (For some reason, Sephora hasn't started selling the singles yet, though I assume they'll start stocking them eventually.)


Meanwhile, when it comes to drugstore options, there's sadly not much currently available that I can recommend without caveats.

The NYX Ultimate Edit Petite Brights is currently on sale for $4.90, but there's a reason for that: the performance of this palette is pretty bad. The shadows are patchy and not terribly pigmented. If you're willing to use a sticky white base underneath them, you might get something worth working with, but personally, I'd give it a pass.

The Juvia's Palace Zulu Eyeshadow Palette is $20, and has some pretty pigmented brights. However, I found it had blending issues, in the sense that when you go to blend the shadows, the color payoff starts to blend away.

Finally, there's Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows. These usually have good color payoff (as long as you're willing to apply with fingers; they don't play all that nice with brushes) and are pretty inexpensive at $5 a shadow. However, these shadows have a big downside too-- they expire really quickly. If you buy one of these, you have to be extremely careful to screw the lid on airtight. If there's the slightest gap left open, or worse, if the packaging is malformed or cracked through no fault of yours, your shadow will dry up in a matter of months (or even weeks) and become worthless. Overall, I find them too fussy to be worth it, though you might find differently if you're just looking for one or two particular shades.


In addition to high-end and drugstore, there's also the possibility of picking up indie brand shadows. There are way too many options there to list, but just to give one example, I've heard great things about Sugarpill's shadows.


Good luck finding what you're looking for, and I hope you have a ton of fun with it when you do!

VISEART - Eyeshadow Palette - 08 Editorial Brights

DOMINIQUE COSMETICS - Lemonade Eyeshadow Palette

VISEART - Petite Pro 5 Soleil

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Artist Color Eye Shadow - I-340

Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack! I love it!



RE: Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

OMG thank you so much !

Re: RE: Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

You're welcome!

Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

RE: Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Thank you !

RE: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Not a palette, but Melt Cosmetics sells some lovely super neon shadows! Excellent formula too.

RE: Fluorescent eyeshadows

I’ll check it out. Thank you !

Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Hi @antaaambayee ,


I suggest checking back the VIOLET VOSS - Sugar Crystals Eyeshadow Palette, and the #Sephora Collection Pro Editorial Palette. 


Best Wishes,



RE: Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Thank you !

Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Hi @antaaambayee  - It's definitely fun to try out new eyeshadow colors, but that being said, I'd recommend getting a less expensive eyeshadow palette. I've listed a few below. Good luck!


VIOLET VOSS - Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Fruit Sorbet

KAT VON D - I Am Divine Palette

SMASHBOX - Cover Shot: Eye Palettes - Bold Glitter

HUDA BEAUTY - Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Emerald

RE: Re: Fluorescent eyeshadows

Thank you ! I’ll check these out.
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