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Finishing powder vs Setting spray?

Which do you feel is better?

Which looks better in pictures? I want a flawless but still very real, not made-up (effortless, if you will) kind of thing going on in my pictures. Or do they serve different purposes? (Yes I am clueless about makeup... hahaha)

Re: Finishing powder vs Setting spray?

I use both when applying makeup.  I find that it helps in order to keep makeup in place as well as prevent oiliness etc.

Re: Finishing powder vs Setting spray?

Hi Seekayy,


I would say that they both do very different things. A powder is good for setting the actual foundation and helps take away shine and add a soft look to the foundation. Make up settings spray are also great to help set make up and make it last long as well. I like using them to set all of the make up and give it a more 'natural' look.

<3 Melissa

Re: Finishing powder vs Setting spray?

I prefer both.  Some people wear translucent powders but I prefer the extra coverage.  So I set my bb or fdn with that and then use a setting spray over toP.  it takes away the powdery look and melts into your skin 

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