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Favorite Black Eyeliners?

One can never have enough black eyeliners. Which are yours?


At the moment I get the most use out of my Revlon Gel liner.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

My go-to eyeliner is doing winged liner with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I love it, and because it is a marker shape, it's quick and perfect for class.


I've been eyeing the new Stila Liquid Vinyl eyeliner... I really want to see it in store first though.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

Tarts in onyx it is sooooo black

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I'll admit liquid liner makes me nervous. I'm just not very good at applying it, haha. I love Kat Von D products though.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I was way into pencil/gel eyeliner for so long and then one day on a whim decided to get the smashbox liquid eyeliner one ( and holy crap I'm glad I did. It lasts so much longer than any other eyeliner and gets me a more precise cat eye. It's just really dramatic and you can make it as thick or as thin as you want. Try it out if you ever want to mix up your eyeliner routine!

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

So many people love liquid liner! I'm just no good at applying it. I have shaky hands and that always translate into shaky liner when using liquid. 


I really like the look of it on others though.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

The trick is using the side of the wand, not the tip with liquid liners.  It's using the tip when you really notice the shaky hand problem. I just barely tap the side of the wand to my inner eye, then outter eye with a small flick if I want one, and then from the side shape the middle.


Oddly, I can't do pencils.  I can't figure out how anyone does. It seems like I have to push so hard and it hurts my eyes. So no pencil for me.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

ITA on the pencil liners!

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

My go-to is the Sephora liquid eyeliner in Black


It's super affordable and works just as well as really expensive ones, in my opinion. Plus it washes off easily, which is really nice. 

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I'm addicted to Lancome Le Crayon khol. 

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I actually use colored liners (dark blue, brown, deep purple, grey) more often than black, but for a classic wing / cat eye I love the Stila Stay All Day felt-tip liquid liner.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I love colored liner too! Navy is a favorite of mine to use.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I always love a good black eyeliner.  Smiley Happy

My favorite liquid is Eyeko- super easy to apply if you are just starting or have difficulty with liquid liner. 

Eyeko - Skinny Liquid Eyeliner


My favorite pencil formula is MUFE Aqua Eyes and I also love the Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow.

 The pencil lasts all day on me and the Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow is SERIOUSLY waterproof. One time I forgot I had it on and took a shower.  I was still perfectly in place when I got out. Not to say Aqua Eyes isn't but I haven't given it the shower test. lol It has held up in hot, humid weather.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

I love Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion for a bit more drama.  The formula isn't my favorite because, unless I use a brush and set it with powder, it can get get a little smudgy on me. I just love how it is SUPER black.

Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

Lancôme Artliner and Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner. For non-liquid, I really like Rimmel and am loving the deluxe sample of the Marc Jacobs gel highliner.



Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I haven't put down my Jessie's Girl liquid liner in my Ipsy bag from this month... I love it! Surprisingly only 6.99 Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I'm currently wild over Buxom Lashliner.  It's so dramatic and lovely that I've been tightlining with it, swiping on some mascara, and forgoing shadow because my eyes just pop with the liner alone.  Looks much better solo than the liquid and pencil liners I used before I discovered it.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

For tight lining I love Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl (Eastern Method) or for upper lash the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool (great for when you are in a hurry!). Smiley Happy


I still like and use UD, Nars, Hourglass, MUFE, Givenchy, some Tarte and Smashbox....It depends on the mood and want for look, I guess, on what my "go to" is.


I am really liking Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon (although I did not get black in that).







Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

Tightlining: MUFE Aqua Eyes #01L Mat Black.  I've used so many.


Glittery: MAC Pearlglide- Black Swan


Liquid: Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Crayon.  Love, love, love this.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

Tarte EmphasEyes aqua gel eyeliner......which is discontinued. =(


So now I'm looking for new ones, current favorite Marc Jacob liquid liner pen.

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I hate when I favorite product gets discontinued. Especially without learning so you can't stock up!

Re: Favorite Black Eyeliners?

I remember that liner! It was super pigmented and very "Gel" like. Nothing else like it that I can think of. I couldn't use it on my lids because it would end up transferring to my crease like mad, but I remember it stayed really well on the inner rim...


sorry for your loss. it is hard to lose a product that has no comparison.

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