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Eyeshadow primer

I suffer from allergies and I'm trying to find a primer that will keep my eyeshadow in place & stop it from clumping & creasing. This is going to sound weird but my eyes water very easily and the moisture goes UP into my crease. How, I don't know. It defies gravity! Lol! Anyways, I've tried UD (didn't work at all), Benefit (worked ok but it separated & no amount of shaking could get it to mix again), Tarte (made my eyeshadow peel off in chunks like it was shedding) and Lancome (the best so far but still not great). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am getting VERY frustrated!

Re: Eyeshadow primer


Re: Eyeshadow primer

I like the Lorac Behind the Scenes primer as well.  A little bit is all that you need. The Too Faced primer is nice, too.


If you're near a store, I'd go in and ask for samples of a couple of different primers.  You won't need much (and it is so much easier to work with their sample pots than with a little foil package) and you'll have enough to try in different situations.

Re: Eyeshadow primer

Okay so that's 2 votes for Lorac, 2 votes for Nars & 1 vote for Smashbox lol. Thanks for the suggestions!

Re: Eyeshadow primer

I agree with Diana on the Lorac Behind the scenes primer it's the same one I was going to suggest. Hope this helps!

Re: Eyeshadow primer

Good morning, Catherine!


I'm sorry that the UD didn't work for you.  I would suggest the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, which comes highly recommended.  It is very lightweight and is fragrance free.  In addition, it is opthalmologist and dermatologist tested.


My eye shadow literally lasts all day long and never creases.  Although it costs a little more, I consider it to be an excellent investment.



NARS Eyeshadow Base.jpg

Re: Eyeshadow primer

Lancome's primer is matte & waterproof. It works ok.

Re: Eyeshadow primer

Have you tried a matte/waterproof eyeshadow primer??

Re: Eyeshadow primer

My eyes do the same!  I can walk into my son's school building and within a few minutes my eyes are tearing up.  I know the teachers think I am a "pyscho mom!"  The outside corners of my eyes get red and irritated from the salt in the tears.  I don't know if a primer would help there or not.  I hope you get some great suggestions as I could use a good eye primer too.

Re: Eyeshadow primer

NARS eye primer... it is a bit pricey but works wonder with keeping eyeshadow in place.

Re: Eyeshadow primer



Have you tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer? This is one of my favorites


Photo Finish Lid Primer


I also suggest you look at Lorac which is great for more sensitive skin types:


Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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