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Eyeshadow inspiration

I mentioned the other day in the palette parade thread that it would be cool if someone started a thread with a picture of a cool eye look and we all tried our hands at it. So CalamityJane (the bully) told me to start it. My immediate thought was "But I wanted someone else to do it!!" Then I decided I was being a whiny little b*tch and should get to it.


So without further ado, here's the first Eyeshadow Inspiration!

Green and Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial.jpg

I had been wanting to try a green/bronze eye look for awhile and thought this one looked fun. Here is my not-very-good attempt at it:



As always, lighting was a bit of an issue (why won't my blush ever show up?!?), but even though the colors aren't captured perfectly you can still kind of see them.


Anyone else want to try? Feel free to substitute colors and change it up (maybe using whatever your palette-of-the-week is?). I love seeing what people here come up with! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration



because pink and yellow are calling me today 


Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

So cute and I love the gold liner idea!

<3 Melissa

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Ummm drool, drool, and more DROOL!!!!! It is perfection and I love it! This may be on of my faves of all time!!!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

OK here is mine, now you go do it bombie!  You always rock colors. 



I added sparklez because it needed it - glitter all around!


Sugarpill pro palette (pink)

Wetnwild poster child palette (yellow)

Sugarpill neon pigments in high-biz and love buzz

maybelline Ultra liner 

Ardell falsies

Marc Jacobs highliner / Armani eyes to kill mascara 

Anastasia brow wizard in medium ash

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

you added sparklez because you love me and missed me Smiley Wink  


as usual you're skills are amazing!!! i could stare at your eyeballs all day!!!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

i love that you love my eyeballs Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Oh my. I'm speechless. You are SO good — I'm just in awe.

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Thanks-Go try it jozkid! It is such a fun look! 

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Maybe some Saturday night after the kids are in bed (so I don't scare them!) Ha!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

For Evno! Hope you see something you like! I like blue and purple, obvs. lol


Envo 1.jpg

Evno 2.png

Evno 3.png

Evno 4.jpg

Evno 4.png

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

What eyeshadow is the girl wearing in the 5th and 6th picture! I need it Smiley Surprised

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

looks similar to too faced Cop-A-Teal





Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

beautiful, wonders if this would work on blue eyes.

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Thanks Danny. I love that color Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

At least that's what it looks like to me. I love pairing it with TF Petals To The Metal! Ulta still has the singles. 

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

These look AMAZING! When I'm less of a chicken-sh*t about doing my own make-up (started getting into make up six months ago) I would love to figure out how to do these. For now I'm still practicing putting on a single color eye shadow! Thank you so much for the inspiration to keep practicing to get to this level <3

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Those blues are GORGEOUS!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Linden thank you! I'm going to try some of them. I'll keep you posted! Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Post pics!! And do your ombre liner effect :-P I'm curious to see how that looks!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Evno some of these looks will be spectacular on your pretty face! Smiley Happy

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