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Eyeshadow inspiration

I mentioned the other day in the palette parade thread that it would be cool if someone started a thread with a picture of a cool eye look and we all tried our hands at it. So CalamityJane (the bully) told me to start it. My immediate thought was "But I wanted someone else to do it!!" Then I decided I was being a whiny little b*tch and should get to it.


So without further ado, here's the first Eyeshadow Inspiration!

I had been wanting to try a green/bronze eye look for awhile and thought this one looked fun. Here is my not-very-good attempt at it:



As always, lighting was a bit of an issue (why won't my blush ever show up?!?), but even though the colors aren't captured perfectly you can still kind of see them.


Anyone else want to try? Feel free to substitute colors and change it up (maybe using whatever your palette-of-the-week is?). I love seeing what people here come up with! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Sha'zaam!!  I am in Heart with that red/black combo!

And why can't I be this talented & bold?!?  (Oh yeah... 'cause I'd look like a zombie w/that color combo! Smiley Sad)


Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Red foil lip gloss was the closest thing I had to red glitter shadow.  Well, there was cake glitter but I didn't have the energy to unearth my supplies.

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

I think that's gorgeous! And very innovative! Lip gloss as a shadow, who would've thought?! Great job!

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Thanks but I would warn against it.  Does not stay where you put it.  Really glad I didn't break out the cake glitter.  Would be sparkling for days. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Haha, I wouldn't be able to pull any red off, much less lip gloss! ;-)

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Eyeshadow and cake glitter Oh that makes me smile. 

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

I would NOT recommend using lip products on the eyes. Apparently there's something in red pigments that can easily irritate eyes, so if you do plan on wearing red (not just put it on, take a picture, then take it off) then I would recommend getting an eyeshadow instead of using lip products.

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Believe me, I am not trying that again.

Re: Eyeshadow inspiration


Re: Eyeshadow inspiration

Ladies, I just answered the door in a green hooded robe with my eyes still done.  The poor tree guy (working late on storm damage estimates) met Malificent's stepsister.  GAAAAAHHHH!!!

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