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Eyeshadow Base

What is the best eyeshadow base (not primer) for matte eyeshadows? I generally use NYX jumbo pencil in milk or MAC paint pot in painterly but sometimes I don\'t feel that they hold/enhance the shadow all that well.

Re: Eyeshadow Base

Personally, I love NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base -- it's lightweight, absorbs quickly, and eyeshadow *really* adheres!


I like UD Primer Potion, too, but prefer NARS.

Re: Eyeshadow Base

Thanks Katie!

I have the NARS base but it's a recent purchase.  I'll def use it next time to compare to my UDPP and other products.  Thanks for your attention!

Re: Eyeshadow Base



The NARS shadow base is amazing also Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both of these products are staples in my PRO kit as well as my personal make up bag. Both are completely colorless so it will not change the look/color of your shadows. Both help keep shadows perfectly in place while making them crease resistant as well. Hope this helps!




Re: Eyeshadow Base

The two that I think are the best is UD Primer Potion and Stila eye Primer pot. They keep my shadow in place and that is a hard job because I have oily lids. Good Luck!




Beauty and Wellness

Re: Eyeshadow Base

I hate to start an answer to a question with a question but I'm gonna anyway. Smiley Happy What's the difference between a "base" and primer in your opinion? I was reading the answers, checking to see if anyone shares my opinion of my two favorites but both are primers. My all time favorite is Kat Von D's eye primer in skin. I was ecstatic (yes, near hysterics...Smiley Happy) when I discovered KVD's primers holding power and blend ability. Crease? NEVA! I used the "Skin" color, she offers three shades. A grey for a dark smokey eye, a shimmer and Skin, the nude. It was a little dark for me but it didnt matter much in the overall result. Now I said "used" in the past tense. It was suddenly (I used it for over a year) very drying. The result was really irritated lids. I have sensitive skin and it's not oily. I highly recommend it for those struggling with oily lids and creasing. What I use now is lovely in an entirely different way. Laura Mercier's Eye Canvas. It sets quickly so I put it on right before shadow application. And one eye at a time. It's lightweight and comes in several shades, which I really appreciate being I'm so fair. I can set my eyebrow powder and concealer with it. I also like a pot over a tube or applicator wand. I used NARS briefly. It's colorless, major score! It comes in a wanded tube that's opaque white. I was bothered by the price for the amount of product and struggling to tell how much was left and to get an ample amount out of said tube without multiple tries. So i moved on. But that's just me.
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