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What's better, a gel liner or a cream liner? Not sure what the difference is since I'm torn between buying Bobbi browns gel pot or Loracs cream liner pot.....need something that will last all day since I have oily lids!

Re: Eyeliners

I also have oily lids and really like Kat Von D's tatto liner.  Its not a gel, put a fine tipped brush pen, but i love ti and it stays put all day.

Re: Eyeliners

Hi Beddhalicious-


Gel and cream liners are usually the same thing. They go on super smooth and are relatively easy to apply. I also like the brush allows you to customize the thickness (or thinness) of the line that you want. Out of both of those two, I agree they are about the same. However, the Lorac one is great because, it already has the brush includedSmiley Happy



<3 Melissa

Re: Eyeliners

I love Gel liners, they are slightly thicker, and for me easier to apply. I've been using them for years and my favorite is the buxom lashliner

When I ran out recently, I purchased a Bobbi Borwn since everyone raves about the, I hate it. To me it's more like a cream liner. I don't get good pigmentation from it, and it's hard to pick up the right amount of product & I've tried multiple brushes. 

Re: Eyeliners

to me they apply the same, but i prefer my bobbi brown gel liners. there are also a few drugstore ones that a few of my friends swear by but i can not attest to it on oily skin


a lot of people rave about the nars primer for oily lids. def prime and if you are not wearing any eyeshadow at least apply an all over eyeshadow to stick to your base and even out skin

Re: Eyeliners

Good morning! Since you have oily lids, have you ever tried an eyeshadow primer before applying eye makeup? It definitely makes a difference for me since I have oily skin as well. I love the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Any who, eyeliners. I love my gel liners. It takes a bit of practice, but it's my go-to eyeliner. Bobbi Brown's gel pot is pretty great (so is Maybelline's gel eyeliner), but ever since I discovered Tarte EmphasEYES waterproof clay liner, I can't go back. Very smooth going on and by the end of the day, my eyeliner looks exactly how I put it on in the morning. LOVE it. It also comes with a pretty useful double ended brush.

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