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I need a new, different color of eyeliner! My eyes are blue grey but can also be green, like the sea they change color with my surroundings or what eyeliner I'm wearing! I love Nars and Make Up For Ever! Any suggestions! Help ME!

Re: Eyeliner

I also have hue-changing aqua-blue eyes that can range from a icy blue-grey to a turquoise to a deep sapphire depending on what I'm wearing, my makeup, and my mood.  I've been told my whole life that blue eyed women should wear browns and bronzes on their eyes.  That is great for professional situations, but it's become boring.  I have two suggestions that I've recently found look good and are much more fun than browns!  Right now, I am all about the 1960's go-go girl look.  I straighten my blonde hair and then use a light blue Sephora eyeshadow (baby blue) on the inner corners of my eyes, a deep dark blue on the outer corners of my eyelids (Loreal infallible 889 Midnight Blue) eye shadow in, blend the area in between, then apply a dark blue liner on both top and bottom lids (Maybelline EyeStudio in Sapphire - it's a gel liner).  I let the corners come out a bit when I'm going out in the evening and also apply volumizing waterproof mascara on my top lashes (Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express in black) and a regular waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes to clubs and parties.  I then only use a bit of light blush over my foundation (I love NAARS), a pale pink lipstain (I like Cover Girl Outlast lipstain in 405), and then shimmery pink lip plumper (Too Faced Lip Injection in Techno Kiss).  That combination draws all attention to my eyes (which I think are my best feature) and makes them look wide and sexy.  It brings out the turquoise in my eyes and is just plain fun.  Another fun look is to play with greens.  I use a light green for my eyelids , put a darker forest green (Urban Decay Kush) on the outer corners or my upper lids, blend, use dark green liner on both lids, and either use Urban Decay's Heavy Metal in Mullet to really make my inner eyelids sparkle or, if that would be too much for the occasion, I use Urbay Decay's Midnight Cowboy to blend with the light green.  It tones down the brightness of the green and adds shimmer.  I also wear waterproof volumizing black mascara on upper lashes with the green shadows.  With the Heavy Metal glitter, my eyes look exotic and my irises appear to be dark blue or sometimes slightly violet.  I don't have any pictures of myself with the blue shadows on, but I did find one with the green when I was dying my hair brown.GREENBRUNETTE.jpg

Re: Eyeliner

I also have green/blue-gray Hazel eyes. I always hear advice to wear plum (to make the green pop) but I usually try to wear eye makeup that allows the color change to be visible. I love liner in a dark smokey gray and dark shades of green. I too am looking for more color ideas (mostly how to bring out the blue). 


My most recent eyeliner pick is Yves Saint Laurent 03 Black/Bronze in a pot, which is actually easy to apply and it doesn't smudge during the day. It almost looks green, but also seems to have a bit of bronze shimmer.swfupload_5122223422051521230.jpg I was wearing Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Olive or Smoke.


swfupload_5041047500529022949.jpgI'll be trying Kat Von D's Mini Autograph Pencil in Proud Peacock - deep gray green next.swfupload_100384173194892171.jpg


Good post! I hope to see other great ideas

Re: Eyeliner

Thanks @matipoo66 @beautylovingirl and @WhereYouStand

I will check them out Smiley Happy

Thanks again!

Re: Eyeliner

Hi!  I think the Make Up For Ever eyeliner in 4L plum would be gorgeous on your eyes.  Also check out Urban Decay's eyeliners in Scorch (bronze would also be beautiful on your eyes), and Smog (more wearable for everyday).  Hope that helps!

Re: Eyeliner

Here are some colors you can look at:


Urba Decay 24/7 Pencil in Rockstar


also in Whiskeys1498633-main-hero[1].jpg

And MUFE Aqua Eyess1164532-main-hero[1].jpgIn 21L Dark Grey and

s873893-main-hero[1].jpg6L Deep Purple

Re: Eyeliner

I think the term for blue gray and green eyes are called hazel and they change according to mood or what you are wearing is what the "Saying is" anyways I have the same kind of deal with my eyes and I like to bring out the color by using certain shade of green it makes the eyes more vibrant so I like to use a darker shade of green, a certain shade by Urban Decay called Stash which is one of their 24/7 glide on eyeliners which is a dark golden green. I know it's not nars or make up forever but if you are feeling up to trying a new brand that would be my suggestion. I know when mine finally bites the dust i will repurchase the same one.. anyways feel free to try it out if you want you can try it it store to if you go in instead of order online. and see if you like it before bying it. Smiley Happy  

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