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Eyeliner without Mascara?

Hi everyone,


I have pretty long eyelashes and they look great when just CURLED. I have Tarte's lights camera lashes mascara and I love it. But a few minutes after it is applied, my eyelashes kinda droop down and don't stay fully curled like they do without mascara. I want to do something to make my eyes stand out and pop more. I was never really an eyeliner girl, but would wearing eyeliner without mascara look weird? I have dark eyelashes and hazel eyes, for reference. If anyone could give me some tips that would be awesome. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!! Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

Hey Makeupxx,


Try tight-lining your upper lashline. It will give your lashes a fuller, mascara like look, without the weight of mascara brining your lashes down. There are plenty of videos on youtube about tight-lining, so you can check them out there!


Hope this helps!

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

Hi, MAKEUPxx!  Eyeliner without mascara will not look weird, especially since you have long, dark lashes that curl!  I have trichotillomania - I pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows when I'm stressed.  I don't have eyelashes on my upper lids, but that doesn't stop me from lining both my upper and lower lids on the inside waterline.  Also on the top lid, I extend the line above the waterline.  So if I can line my lashless lids, you surely can line your mascaraless, lashed lids--GO FOR IT!! 

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

I almost never wear mascara with eyeliner since I also have long lashes that doesn't curl when mascara-ed (yes, I just verb-ed it).


If you have long dark lashes, it doesn't look weird. Or if you are going for a natural look, try dotting/wiggling the eyeliner inbetween your lashline and right above it, then smudge the liner above it abit. This way it looks like you have fuller lashes and is not wearing eyeliner. To make my eyes pop, I often do that with a dark brown liner on top, line the waterline on the bottom with a nude eyeliner, and curl the lashes. It really give me a natural big/awake eye look.

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

Thank you everyone!!

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

Another option for you would be to look at the Dior Iconic overcurl mascara. Hope this helps!

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

maybe try some smudged khol liner or a cat eye paired with curled lashes and some clear mascara? hope this helps. Smiley Happy 

Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

I also have long dark lashes that don't hold curls well, but I found that waterproof mascara can solve the problem - any kind of mascara that isn't waterproof will weigh my lashes down and cause them to lose the curl, but waterproof mascara's drier formula seems to dry and freeze lashes in place, maintaining the curl.  I only use waterproof mascaras now and haven't had a problem with my lashes losing curl. 


Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

I never wear eyeliner without mascara, but it's only because it would look odd on me (the ends of my eyelashes are blondish, so the contrast would stand out) -- but I think you definitely CAN do it easily. If you're not partial to black, I think a plum eyeliner would be beautiful. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 6L is a smoky plum shade -- it looks almost black at first glance, but it's plum, and I think it would be lovely with hazel eyes.


I do know what you mean about lashes losing curl once mascara is applied. I myself have never tried Tarte's mascara, but I've always had great luck with YSL Faux Cils (it doesn't go flat on me). Smiley Happy


Re: Eyeliner without Mascara?

Firstly let me say that I'm jealous. My lashes are relatively long, (though super straight) and thick but they look so much better with mascara. 


The best mascara I have found that lasts, looks amazing, stays dark and holds the curl is Armani Eyes to Kill. Sadly, however, I don't believe Sephora carries it. 

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