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Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

I have tiny milia on the lash lines. These have been caused due to oils in make up. What are the brands of eyeliners that won't cause milia.I like liquid and pencil eyeliners.



Re: Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

Hi featherrr, 


In addition to lylysa's suggestions, have you tried using a dark shadow for a liner? An oil free, matte shadow that will be a dryer formulat and should not cause or irritate milia you may have. Tarte and Too Faced are great for liners, Bare Minerals and Urban Decay for liners.


I'd also like to ask,what are you using for a makeup remover and has that been a cause of the milia? The safest way to check the direct cause would be to check with a dermatologist who can offer a few suggestions for you.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

Good suggestion with a powder/cake liner, Diana!

Re: Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

Clinique's Quickliner is opthalmologist tested and so is Nars Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner.


For liquid, MUFE's Aqua Liner is fragrance free and also opthalmologist tested.


Just to be safe, print out ingredient listings and have a doctor go over them to be sure they're good to use on your eyes.


You can also try to line the area on the outer portion of your lashes rather than right along the water line.

Re: Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

Thanks Lylysa.

Though, its hard to find out from the ingredients which may be oils. I want eyeliners which say they are oil free and won't clog pores. Or if someone has the same condition as me, getting their experiences will be quite helpful. I have used SO many, now I am quite tired and need a sureshot answer!


Thanks again!


Re: Eyeliner for milia prone eyes! HELP!

Do you know what oils specifically you're reactive to?


There are differences between man-made and natural oils. Though natural oils are beneficial, that doesn't exclude them from causing reactions for those who are just sensitive to the ingredient all together.


Eye liners can contain an array of oils from synthetic or natural (like palm oil, used in Tarte's High Definition Eye Pencil, which is dermatologist tester) to allow for it to apply in a smooth manner.


I would still recommend tracking down ingredient listings (Sephora offers this feature on nearly all of the products carried) and having your doc take a look. Even if someone who has millia and suffers from the same condition as you, there's not way to pin point it it's the exact oil or ingredient you and another user may be reactive to.

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