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Eyeliner color success

About a month ago I asked if anyone knew of a less inexpensive eyeliner that was the same shade as the Stila light turquoise eyeliner.........well I finally found one.Yesterday I was at U village at H&M and found this eyeliner. So excited! I have no idea why I am writing this post, but I just had to tell someone. This is the actual color. Even though it isn't exactly the same as Stila's, I actually like better. (yes I know it says mascara, but I couldn't find the eyeliner on their website)





Re: Eyeliner color success

ooh thanks for reporting back!  that Stila one is so beautiful and striking, I gasped when I got to swatch it in Sephora.  What brand is the one that you found?  does H&M do cosmetics??

Re: Eyeliner color success

H&M is a clothing store that also carrys accessory extras. It is just by their own company.


I LOVE the Stila liner. When this one runs out, I will probably end up buying Stila's.

Re: Eyeliner color success

*mental note* must check out H&M....

Re: Eyeliner color success

That's so exciting that you were able to find a match!  I love H&M.  Smiley Happy -Laura

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