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Eyeliner Woes

Hey Guys!


So much like a lot of others I'm a fan of the cat eye/winged eyeliner look. However, on my right eye, my skin creases a little right in the corner where the wing would emerge. I've tried pulling the skin flat, but then when I let it go it kind of just turns into a blob.

Does anyone with a similar issue have any advice? Oh, and I have a kohl pencil (which tends to smudge so I don't use it as often) the Ardency Inn Punker eyeliner and Clinique's gel eyeliner too.

Re: Eyeliner Woes

I'm not sure how hooded your eyes are, but this girl provided a nice tip as well. 

Re: Eyeliner Woes

I have hooded lids and found that I have to apply it starting at the tip of the winged part, then bring the line towards the inner corner of my eye, making sure to never pull the skin.  This prevents the winged part from ending in an unflattering location, particularly where m eyes crease in the outer corner.  I also have to do small wings, I just can't pull off the larger wings due to the shape of my eyes, as the winged part will fall in the outer corner crease and look odd.

Re: Eyeliner Woes

Don't tug on your skin!!! I know it's a habit, but dooon't. lol Honestly, I don't use pencils or pens for making cat eyes anymore because I also ran into this problem. What I do:


1. Wet eyeliner brush.

2. Take the blackest eye shadow you have. (or some kind of gel/cream eyeliner. I don't buy those since I'm afraid of them drying)

3. Dip my eyeliner brush into the shadow. This will create a nice clay-like eyeliner. And apply the tip to where your wing will start, and glide to where your line will end on your lid.



I have never had a problem with it running or smudging (I have very oily skin), as long as you apply a nice primer (I use Too Faced's original). I like doing this best because you can apply it as thin, or as thick as you want.    

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